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  Why Tool Management

Why every machining company needs tool management

The strength of TDM lies in the way it stores tool data by process-relevant characteristics, so you can always use the right tool for the job. TDM lets you select tools by tool type and processing method while ensuring that the tool remains available on the shop floor.

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Economic Production

A machine tool wants to produce - let's not prevent it from doing so!

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Networking what belongs together

Tool Data Management is developing into a hub of digitally controlled production processes. Data with high information and utility value is everywhere: in the machine, in the ERP-system, in the CAD/CAM-programming. But conclusions about more efficient production processes can only be drawn by means of a meaningful evaluation. The tool recorded via TDM becomes a key point that interlinks all areas.

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"Networking" is the Magic Word

Networking was the focus of the TDM User Day in early November at the German Seco Tools branch office in Erkrath. At the invitation of TDM Systems, the world's leading provider of Tool Data Management software, 80 participants discussed news relating to all aspects of tool management. Industry 4.0 was a topic, as were manufacturing execution systems, new strategic partnerships, and the networking of TDM users who are active internationally through the new "TDM Global Line" software.

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