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TDM Systems - Experience our Competence!

TDM Systems - Experience our Competence

We are the world´s No. 1
Since 1987, TDM Systems has been in the business of making data management software for tools and production resources. Today´s 4th product generation is in use the world over.

A History of Success
TDM Systems is the
Sandvik Machining Solutions´s pivotal Know-How Center for Tool Data Management. Our products are based on the concrete know-how of actual tool manufacturers. Acting on this experience and working closely with the customer, we tailor our TDM-System software solutions directly to the needs of the user.

Customer-Oriented Structure
Our structure is customer-oriented, and that´s an important factor in our success. The main areas of TDM Systems are Development, Sales, Projects, Documentation and Support. Short lines of communication and decision let us innovate while maintaining flexible project management.