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Interview with Josefine Grano, Marketing Manager Exhibition & Events

Josefine Grano has been marketing manager for exhibition & events with TDM Systems since 2017. In this interview, she explains what her range of duties are and what qualifications she has to bring with her in this area.

Josefine Grano, Marketing Exhibition & Events
Josefine Grano, Marketing Exhibition & Events

Ms. Grano, how did you come to TDM Systems?

I was trying to strike a balance between my love for my home surroundings and the wider world: After my university time in England, where I studied International Corporate Communication, I knew I wanted to be near my family again. At the same time, it was really important to me to find an employer that operates on a global scale. I hadn't been searching long in the local area before TDM Systems went to the top of my list of international companies. The field of Tool Data Management was completely unknown to me at that point, but I always like to take on new challenges and learn something new.

Why did you decide to work for TDM Systems?

Besides its internationalism – here I have the chance to use all my languages, German, English, Spanish, Italian and a little Chinese – and its proximity to my family, it was the people at TDM Systems that drew me to the company. I was very nervous before my job interview, but thanks to the warm and authentically Swabian welcome I received, I felt straight at home (smiles). There's a really positive vibe among all the coworkers; everybody is part of the team here. Another plus point for TDM Systems: A large number of employees, including younger members of staff, have been working for the company for many years.

What are the typical tasks of a Trade Show and Events Manager at TDM Systems?

My working days and my tasks are hugely varied and diverse. I am responsible for everything to do with events: Preparation, implementation and follow-up, both for smaller one-day-long events and for major international trade shows. That involves a great deal of communicating and coordinating with different departments. I will also take on the more creative tasks traditionally associated with marketing, where I am looking forward to.

Josefine Grano, Marketing Exhibition & Events
Josefine Grano, Marketing Exhibition & Events

What do you particularly like about your work at TDM Systems?

I love to communicate and enjoy having contact with different people. That's what gives me a real buzz. And thanks to the wide range of events and tasks, there is always something to do and the next event is always just around the corner.

Why did you decide to work in events?

It was a completely natural decision for me. I have always wanted to organize events. From a young age, I started organizing events for the family business. My degree and my previous job were also heavily focused on event management. The ever-changing tasks and challenges, the travel and the contact with lots of people all really appeal to me.

Which characteristics should a person bring with them for this job?

When it comes to organizing events, stress is basically guaranteed, because there are so many things going on at once that have to be coordinated with each other. It's a great help that I am able to keep calm even when things go wrong. Breathe deeply a couple of times, get an overview and then focus on completing the tasks. To avoid misunderstandings and countless e-mails, I prefer to communicate in person or by phone. It saves time and enables me to respond to requests in a flexible manner.

Any final thoughts?

I hope to grow with TDM Systems and enhance my knowledge about the company and its products – like a rough diamond that, through learning and gaining experience, is honed and polished until it shines (smiles).

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