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Dual studies program and internship
Learn, gain experience, broaden your horizons we enjoy working with young, inquisitive people!

The dual studies program provides a unique combination of theoretical learning at a university of applied sciences with practical experience at a company. Apply at our company and secure one of the highly sought-after apprenticeship spots.

Courses of study

Computer Science/Applied Computer Science (B.S.) studies at a DHBW

The dual studies program is designed so that you can gather practical experience early on during your studies. As a result, you switch between the university and the company on a 3-month cycle. The dual studies program takes place at DHBW Stuttgart's Horb campus.

The goal of the "Applied Computer Science" course of study is to provide you with practical computer science experience. This includes a comprehensive knowledge base of theoretical computer science, pro-gramming knowledge and database expertise at the start of your studies. Building on this framework, you learn about various aspects of pragmatic computer science: Project management, web engineering, com-pilers, network technology and more.

During the phases at TDM Systems, you will take part in development, engineering and service projects, giving you the perfect opportunity to convert theoretical coursework into real-world knowledge.

What you bring to the team

  • Good grades in the core subject areas of mathematics and physics
  • Analytical and logical thought process
  • Passion for the interaction between computer science and technical processes
  • Personal initiative and reliability
  • Flexibility and ability to work as a team

Requirements: University entrance qualification, technical college entrance qualification with completion of an aptitude test
Partners: DHBW Stuttgart, Horb campus
Degree: Bachelor of science in computer science/applied computer science

Internship/working students

We regularly offer students in various fields internships or even employment as a working student in a variety of areas within our software company. This includes taking part in software projects, in the devel-opment of standard software, in engineering projects or in the design of new software modules. In addition, we also offer internships in Marketing and PR.

We look forward to your application!

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