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Benefit from our experts
[] Consulting


Our experts come from the field and are very familiar with your requirements. Select your consulting package and expect the best solution.

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[] Workshops


Are you interested in improved efficiency, lower costs and greater transparency? We offer a joint analysis of your processes, define real goals and find areas that promise more success.

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[] Inhouse-Training

In-house training

We would be glad to implement in-house software training sessions for you on-site that are customized to your requirements and your TDM application. 

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Overview of webinars

TDM customers with software service and update (maintenance) contract receive an invitation e-mail with a registration link approximately 2 weeks before the webinar.


Date Language Time Topic
16.02.2018 German 10 - 12 a.m. CET Import Assistent mit TDMcontrol
22.03.2018 English 4 - 6 p.m. CET Import Assistant with TDMcontrol
18.05.2018 German 10 - 12 a.m. CET Komplettwerkzeug Übertragung nach Vericut
21.06.2018 English 4 - 6 p.m. CET Tool assemblies transfer to Vericut
28.09.2018 German 10 - 12 a.m. CET Voreinstellung
04.10.2018 English 4 - 6 p.m. CET Presetting
26.10.2018 German 10 - 12 a.m. CET TDM 2018
15.11.2018 English 4 - 6 p.m. CET TDM 2018

Training dates in Tübingen

The training sessions are conducted in German at the training center of Walter AG in Tübingen. We are also happy to offer training in English, French and Italian. Contact us at support(at)


No. Training Date City Registration
TDM-2018-02TDM Base Module V4 19.02. - 21.02.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
LGM-2018-02TDM Tool Crib Module V4 22.02. - 23.02.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
FRM-2018-02TDM TDM Form Generator V4 26.02. - 28.02.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
SYS-2018-03TDM System User V4 01.03. - 02.03.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
CAM-2018-043D Models and Tool Parameters for CAM Systems 16.04. - 18.04.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
TDM-2018-06TDM Base Module V4 04.06. - 06.06.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
LGM-2018-06TDM Tool Crib Module V4 07.06. - 08.06.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
FRM-2018-06TDM TDM Form Generator V4 11.06. - 13.06.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
SYS-2018-06TDM System User V4 14.06. - 15.06.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
TDM-2018-09TDM Base Module V4 10.09. - 12.09.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
LGM-2018-09TDM Tool Crib Module V4 13.09. - 14.09.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
FRM-2018-09TDM TDM Form Generator V4 17.09. - 19.09.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
SYS-2018-09TDM System User V4 20.09. - 21.09.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
CAM-2018-103D Models and Tool Parameters for CAM Systems 08.10. - 10.10.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
TDM-2018-11TDM Base Module V4 05.11. - 07.11.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
LGM-2018-11TDM Tool Crib Module V4 08.11. - 09.11.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
FRM-2018-11TDM TDM Form Generator V4 12.11. - 14.11.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
SYS-2018-11TDM System User V4 15.11. - 16.11.2018 TübingenGo to registration (German)
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