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Consulting Packages

The know-how of our experts for your company

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Our experts come from the field and are very familiar with the processes and
software environments in a metal cutting company. They will work together with you to determine the areas of your company in which you want to use a TDM software solution. Our unique know how in tool management developed over many years, as well as planning and production system integration and process optimization, are our greatest strengths.

It lets us identify the best solutions for your business.

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Project analysis and preparation of functional specifications

Baseline and gap analyses, setting goals, defining the scope of function, interfaces and process sequences, amortization time, cost and benefit analysis.

Optimized NC programming with tool data

Analysis of NC programming in terms of tool classification, ID and T-numbers, cutting data and special tools considering the company constraints.

Project management

Creation of the project plan including all actions, deadlines, software solutions, project management and supervision.

Crib management and tool logistics consulting

Analysis of existing processes in the crib and shopfloor, development of a crib concept with regard to permanent or dynamic storage, cost center structure and use of automated and/or manual storage systems.

Tool management consulting

Review of classification, scope and quality of tool data, examination of legacy data integration, implementation of TDM Data and Graphic Generators and tool catalogs.

Tool presetting consulting

Assistance in the creation of control-compatible formatted actual tool data as well as the data transfer to the machine control system, consulting on the use of tool identification systems and the management of duplicate or sister tools.

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