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Training Program

Learning from real-life examples

Our training team will give you the knowledge you need in order to use your TDM-software efficiently on a daily basis. Our experienced experts will teach you about the most important know how related to TDM.
TDM Systems offers predefined standard training or customized training programs. In our standard training courses, our experienced training team provides practice-based instruction with content that is conducive to learning and regularly updated.

Those who complete standard training receive training documents and a certificate of participation.
We also offer custom training courses tailored to your specific needs. These can be offered in-house at your company or online.

We offer standard training on the following topics:

Training dates in Tübingen

The training sessions are conducted in German at the training center of Walter AG in Tübingen. We are also happy to offer training in English, French and Italian. Contact us at support(at)


No. Training Date City Registration
TDM-2017-06 TDM Base Module19.06. - 21.06.2017TübingenFully booked!
LGM-2017-06 TDM Tool Crib Module22.06. - 23.06.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
FRM-2017-06 TDM Form Generator26.06. - 28.06.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
SYS-2017-06 TDM System User29.06. - 30.06.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
TDM-2017-09 TDM Base Module04.09. - 06.09.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
LGM-2017-09 TDM Tool Crib Module07.09. - 08.09.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
FRM-2017-09 TDM Form Generator11.09. - 13.09.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
SYS-2017-09 TDM System User14.09. - 15.09.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
CAM-2017-103D models and tool parameters for CAM systems09.10. - 11.10.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
TDM-2017-11 TDM Base Module06.11. - 08.11.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
LGM-2017-11 TDM Tool Crib Module09.11. - 10.11.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
FRM-2017-11 TDM Form Generator13.11. - 15.11.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
SYS-2017-11 TDM System User16.11. - 17.11.2017TübingenGo to registration (german)
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