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Facts, Snacks and Getting on Track

Art to Part with TDM Systems

TDM Systems is the industry pioneer of Tool Data Management.

Celebrating our 25 year anniversary in 2018, TDM Systems was the first to develop a “Single Source Database” to manage all your manufacturing equipment.

Call it Industrie 4.0 or the new digital revolution, TDM Systems leads the industry in providing you increased profits. 

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We have solutions for the following questions: Which tool is at which location at a specific time? What are the crib inventories? Which tools have to be prepared for which order? Which tools do we use for this machining operation? Are there alternatives? We support your production with our software and expertise. With TDM, a cutting tool becomes a valuable productivity factor, which ensures increased profits and optimized processes.

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Your Benefits

Increased productivity

Time savings in tool presetting
Reduced machine downtimes
Short cycle times
Repeatable cutting data

Cost reduction: crib and ordering system

Reduced and standardized tool variety
Transparent crib and distributed inventories
Reduced hidden cribs

Time savings in planning

Available, NC-ready data and graphics
Dependable simulation analyses

Tool Lifecycle Management

The solution for the entire tool lifecycle in your company


Advanced Shopfloor Management

Necessary tools and data on the machine at all times

  • Get the right tool quickly
  • Scheduling available tools
  • Fixtures, gauges, calibration equipment
  • Complete tool circulation
  • CAD / CAM
  • Presetter interface / ERP support
  • Customized solutions
  • Neutral & open to all tooling manufactures

The major strength of the TDM software is the ability to become highly integrated into the existing system landscapes of a machining company. This makes comprehensive controlling of tool assignment and tool use through crib inventories and inventory turnover as well as through the results of machining operation. With the results, the use of resources in production can be tracked and continuously improved. Productivity increases and cost savings are transparent.

Additionally, we offer the highest quality and most connections to your existing ERP, CAM, vending solutions, and supplier’s databases, then any other software on the market today.  Our software eliminates those blockages, provides for seamless communication, and manages the total lifecycle of your tooling.  Savings with reduced tooling spend, reduced on-hand inventory, improved turns, reduced lead-time, and increased output are realized.  All with a Return on Investment (ROI) of less than 1 year.

It is clear that by partnering with, The First, The Largest, and The Best, TDM to manage your manufacturing operations, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.