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FMS Systems

FMS Systems

A flexible manufacturing system only works with available tools

TDM is capable of supporting various production planning philosophies. Flexible production planning requires that tool management ensure both availability of the measured actual tool data and the removal and preparation of the calculated tools. TDM supports these processes and enables nearly 100% utilization of the machines.


  • Digital provision of the tool data, e.g. nominal tool life for FMS tool requirements planning
  • Implementing reliable supply of the machines with tools based on the FMS tool requirements planning system
    • Availability of the measured actual tool data in FMS
    • TDM manages the entire tool provisioning process from start to finish, from integration of the FMS system machines into the TDM tool circulation management system to tool disassembly and reconditioning


    [] Zentrale Datenbank

    Central data storage
    No redundancy in creation, maintenance and management of tool data.

    [] Prozessoptimierung

    Optimized processes
    Perfect tool preparation delivers nearly 100% utilization of the machines.

    [] Kosteneinsparung

    Cost savings
    Forward-looking tool preparation enables timely ordering of tools and optimizes the crib inventory and reuse of already assembled tools with sufficient remaining tool life.

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