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2D-Graphic Generator

TDM 2D-Graphic Editor

The compact graphic solution for your TDM

The TDM 2D-Graphic Editor is designed for easy and fast creation and editing of DXF tool graphics. As an additional module for integration into TDM, it facilitates an ergonomic workflow in the familiar TDM environment. Switching to external 2D CAD systems is no longer necessary.


  • Create and edit 2D DXF tool graphics directly in the TDM master data screen without switching to a CAD system  
  • The set of tool dimensions of the tool drawings (XS and YS dimension as well as DC) is provided au-tomatically with one click
  • Supports BMG layer conversion according to DIN69874 (BMG 3.0)
  • Simple correction of graphic orientation and editing of the contour
  • Precise setting of the zero point for correct tool assembly 
  • Removal of non-graphical elements from the drawing
  • Flexible view adaption (line color, line thickness, line type, etc.)
  • Automatic integration into the corresponding TDM master data record
  • Drawing functions:
    Line, polyline, dimensioning, circle, shading, text, insertion, etc.
  • Change functions:
    Properties manager, grips, mirror, rotate, crop, break, stretch, etc.


[] Prozessoptimierung

Optimized process
Editor is opened within the TDM application, no system change required.

[] Zeiteinsparungen

Time saving
Fast and easy tool for maintaining data and graphics in TDM.

[] Intuitive Bedienung

Intuitive operation
Easy operation with standard CAD functions.

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