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TDM 3D-Designer for End Mills

The fast and easy way to your customized end mill

End mills exist in a wide variety of models and variants. TDM 3D-Designer offers the functions you need to create your individual end mill according to its structure, enter the geometric parameters and create them as a data record with 2D and 3D graphics. This provides you with a customized end mill in just a few clicks.


  • Individual composition of the end mills by shank, body, face and chip flute
  • Stored templates for individual part geometries such as cylindrical shank (in accordance with DIN standard), body with or without fine finish, taper or conical transition, face with radius or chamfer, and many more
  • Individual tool parameters such as the total length, length of the part geometries, cutting edge length, flute length, shank length, diameter of the part geometry, transition radii and angles, tip angle, chip flute and pitch increase angle and cutting material etc. are preset or can be adapted manually
  • Creating a tool data record including tool graphics in various formats:
    2D graphics (as DXF) and NC-compatible 3D solid models (SAT, STL, STEP AP203, TLS and VRML) 


[] Zeitreduzierung

Time savings
Quick assembly and generation of individual end mills.

[] Prozessoptimierung

Optimized processes
Create 2D and 3D graphics for end mills without switching to an external CAD system.

[] Zentrale Datenbank

Optimum data structure
Tool data and geometry parameters are compatible with the TDM data structure and are stored immediately as a data set.

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