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TDM 3D-Revolve Generator

From the DXF graphic to the simulation-ready 3D model

The TDM 3D-Revolve Generator is the ideal solution for all TDM users who want to quickly and easily generate simulation-ready 3D models from existing 2D DXF contour graphics. Items as well as tool as-sembly graphics can be rotated. The revolved items can then be combined in TDM to create a 3D tool assembly graphic. By default, the 3D graphics are created in Step format. These models can be transferred via the TDM 3D-Solid Converter (optional) to the CAM systems.


  • Rotating a contour into a simulation-ready 3D graphic in one step
  • Defining the cutting part for optimum simulation analyses


[] Zeitreduzierung

Time savings
Fast and simple conversion of existing 2D tool graphics into 3D models.

[] Prozessoptimierung

Optimized processes
3D models can be used for NC programming and simulation.

[] Kosteneinsparung

Cost savings
Optimized use of the existing pool of data and graphics.

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