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TDM Basismodul

Software for production equipment management

Manage production equipment with perfect transparency and find it at any time!

With the software modules from TDM, you can enter and manage your production equipment systematically and completely. This new transparency enables you to find tools quickly, assemble them correctly and prepare them for the machines just in time. It increases quality by calibrating the inspection equipment and shows the availability of all the equipment required for a job. Each function of TDM is a building block of a well-functioning Tool Lifecycle Management system. You'll be amazed at how simple it is – get started now!


- 50 %

Time effort

The production equipment management system minimizes time effort for selecting tool data by up to 50%.

- 25 %

Tool costs

The tool variety is reduced and standardized. This lowers tool costs by up to 25% and increases the fre-quency of use of the available tools.

+ 50 %


The integrable tool data catalogs make data input reliable and up to 50% faster

Modules for production equipment management

  • TDM Base Module
  • TDM Base Module Global Line
  • TDM Gauge & Calibration Management
  • TDM Facility & Maintenance Management
  • TDM Fixture Management
  • TDM Multi Plant Management
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