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TDM Basismodul

TDM Base Module

Managing tools in a structured manner, increasing availability and reducing costs

The TDM Base Module forms the foundation for TDM Tool Management. The tools are managed according to tool items, tool assemblies and tool lists and gives you an overview of all tools used on your shopfloor. A wide variety of interfaces enables the TDM Base Module to exchange data on the planning level with ERP, CAD/CAM and simulation systems and on the production level with MES/FMS systems, with crib systems, presetting devices and machines. The highlights of the TDM Base Module are efficient options for data input and easy operation. Other highlights include practical functions such as automatic tool assembly and easy tool selection.


  • Reliable feeds and speeds through integrated material and cutting grade tables
  • Automatic tool assembly with plausibility check
  • Integrated CAD kernel for displaying 2D and 3D graphics as well as photos and videos
  • Easy-to-use graphic tool selection by class/group, technology or machining operation
  • Multilevel reports for items, tool assemblies and tool lists
  • Automatically generated difference lists: a powerful function for comparing tool lists and standard tools
  • Integrable tool data catalogs of renowned manufacturers
  • Automated generation of item, tool and production lists


[] Zentrale Datenbank

Central database
The TDM Base Module's tool database provides the central location for tool data, access to well-maintained, up-to-date tool data without redundancy, no duplicate data storage in other areas required!

[] Kosteneinsparungen

Cost savings
The tool variety is reduced and standardized. This lowers tooling costs by up to 25% and increases the frequency of use of the available tools.

[] Zeitreduzierung

Speed boost
The integrable tool data catalogs make data input reliable and up to 50% faster.

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