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Die TDM Mandantenverwaltung unterstützt Sie bei der Werkzeugverwaltung in verschiedenen Fertigungsstätten des Unternehmens, basierend auf einer zentralen Datenbank.

TDM Multi Plant Management

All your TDM data in one central database

TDM Multi Plant Management supports you in tool management across various production facilities in your company, based on a central database. The software makes it possible to reduce the data view to the specific aspects of the individual clients. Objectives for using TDM Multi Plant Management can include company-wide standardization of tool management and a uniform tool data pool.

TDM Multi Plant Management


  • Standardized master data in all plants and departments
  • Standardized tool management
  • Less tool variety, thus lower tooling costs
  • Simple data administration 
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through standardized workflows in a central database
  • Increased productivity in tool procurement


[] Zentrale Datenbank

Central database
A central database manages all the operating resource data company-wide.

[] Optimale Vernetzung

Optimal networking
Optimal data basis for evaluations and controlling functions company-wide.

[] Prozessoptimierung

Optimized processes
Create company-wide standards with regard to tools and technologies.

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