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TDM Multi Plant Management

All your TDM data in one central database

TDM Multi Plant Management supports you in tool management across various production facilities in your company, based on a central database. The software makes it possible to reduce the data view to the specific aspects of the individual clients. Objectives for using TDM Multi Plant Management can include company-wide standardization of tool management and a uniform tool data pool.

TDM Multi Plant Management


  • Standardized master data in all plants and departments
  • Standardized tool management
  • Less tool variety, thus lower tooling costs
  • Simple data administration 
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through standardized workflows in a central database
  • Increased productivity in tool procurement


[] Zentrale Datenbank

Central database
A central database manages all the operating resource data company-wide.

[] Optimale Vernetzung

Optimal networking
Optimal data basis for evaluations and controlling functions company-wide.

[] Prozessoptimierung

Optimized processes
Create company-wide standards with regard to tools and technologies.

  • BrochureExcellence in Tool Lifecycle Management (pdf)
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