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TDM Barcodemodul als Ergänzung zum TDM Lagermodul.

TDM Barcode Module

Flexible stock control using barcode scanners

The TDM Barcode Module makes the perfect addition to TDM Tool Crib Module, enhancing crib management by incorporating a barcode system. This extension to the system allows data to be captured, by scanning QR codes and barcodes, and entered in the TDM Tool Crib Module straight away. This creates transparency across all crib movements. By connecting the barcode scanner with the data transfer station, data is transmitted by USB straight to the TDM application.

Scanned-in bookings are transferred directly to the TDM Tool Crib Module.

TDM Barcode Module
  • Requirements: TDM Base Module, TDM Tool Crib Module
  • Barcode scanners available: Casio DT-X200, Gryphon D4100


  • All stock movements, queries and analyses are carried out using barcode scanners
  • Definition of different access permissions, which are stored on code cards or ID passes
  • User-defined access permissions simplify crib organization and make tool usage transparent
  • The barcode terminal works independently of a PC
  • Booking data is transferred from the barcode terminal to the TDM Tool Crib Module via the docking station, bookings are then carried out in the Tool Crib Module
  • Very simple booking dialog
  • All functions included in TDM can be entered/triggered via barcode


    [] Zeitreduzierung

    Save time
    Reliable and fast data acquisition - faulty data input is reduced.

    [] Prozessoptimierung

    Optimized processes
    Controlled access to stock ensures transparent removal from stock.

    [] Intuitive Bedienung

    Intuitive operation
    Extremely easy operation and the use of standardized technology means employees can use the barcode scanners without training.

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