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TDM Shopfloor Manager Global Line

Digital tool management in production


The TDM Shopfloor Manager Global Line module organizes the digital tool management in the production environment. The visual process planning guides users through the individual tool circulation stations, from the tool crib to the machine, in a targeted manner. In addition, different, individually configurable tool processes on the shopfloor are supported in parallel. This achieves a high level of transparency in the tool circulation and maximum machine utilization.

Tool circulation is controlled in the digital process representation, starting with the identification of requirements and planning, the subsequent tool commissioning, such as removal from crib, assembly and presetting, to tool use and through to reconditioning or disassembling.

TDM Shopfloor Manager implements time-accurate and correct tool provision for the active and subsequent NC operations on the machine. Using TDM Shopfloor Manager software means that missing or incorrectly set tools are a thing of the past.


Cost savings
Increased tool profitability thanks to reliable demand planning, optimum tool use and its seamless supervision.

Time saving
Reduction of time spent on order picking: Removal from crib, assembling, and setting of tools.

Individual, digitalized tool provision
Configuration and defining of processes for tool provision in different production areas and visualization of the production process.

Optimized processes
Tool preparation minimized by calculating the tool requirements/order by creating difference lists as well as loading and unloading lists. The real tool stocks and machine conditions are taken into account here.


Shopfloor designer

  • Configuration of individual tool data flow in the different areas of production
  • TDM provides a number of ready-made software operations, which result in a status-led process control of tool circulation


Machine Integration (optional)

  • In parallel, real machine stocks and tool conditions are taken into account in tool planning
  • Optional Integration of suitable subsystems and machines
  • Reliable transfer of tool data (tool offsets)
  • Demand planning takes the tools' real tool lives or conditions into account
  • Automated operations, such as requests for Duplo tools and ad-hoc provision on the machine

Demand calculation

  • Tool provision is based on the tool requirements of the machines
  • Transfer of the calculated tool requirements to a pick list
  • Transfer of production orders from ERP or MES systems via interfaces
  • Tools which are no longer required by the machines are displayed on unloading lists
  • In parallel, externally generated requirement lists can be recorded and further processed as pick lists
  • Standard interfaces for various manufacturers' production control systems take on requirement lists


Shopfloor navigation

  • The range of functions and operator processes are generated in the Shopfloor Navigator from the configuration
  • The Display of work areas as cost centers and the operations for tool provision to be carried out within these are activated in a status-led way
  • Allocation of individual areas such as cribs/assembly and presetting to different work stations or combination in a tool room
  • FlyerTDM Shopfloor Manager Global Line (pdf)
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