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TDM Shopfloor Manager Global Line

Digital tool management in production


The module TDM Shopfloor Manager Global Line organizes the digital tool management in the production environment. The visual planning of the processes guides the user systematically through the individual stations of the tool cycle from the tool crib to the machine. In addition, different, individually configurable tool workflows in production are supported in parallel. This achieves a high level of transparency in the tool lifecycle and maximum machine utilization.

A tool lifecycle, starting with the calculation of requirements and planning, the subsequent tool commissioning, such as stock picking, assembly and presetting, through machine use, to reconditioning or dismantling, is controlled in the digital process representation.  

TDM Shopfloor Manager realizes a time-accurate and correct tool provision for the active and subsequent NC operations on the machine. Missing or incorrectly set tools are a thing of the past through the use of the TDM Shopfloor Manager software.

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