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Das TDM Lagermodul Global Line bildet eine wichtige Basisfunktion im ganzheitlichen Tool Lifecycle Management Prozess.

TDM Tool Crib Module Global Line

The efficient organization of your tool crib

The TDM Tool Crib Module Global Line includes all apps to guide the movements of the tools through the tool cycle of production. It forms an important basic function in the comprehensive tool life cycle management process. Gathering the tool and production resource stock levels and giving information about their status and location form a solid basis for the planning of tools, orders, and machine occupation. The software supports ordering processes, controls and manages automated and manual crib systems, and ensures optimum crib inventory levels. The right tool in the right location becomes reality.


  • Variable configuration of the crib and cost center structure
  • Connection to automated crib systems or "vending machines" possible
  • Taking into account new and used articles
  • Booking functions for new arrival, for tool movements between cribs, production cost centers and repair as well as sorting out with indication of the cause


[] Kosteneinsparung

Cost savings
Reduce storage costs with automatic minimum stock message and transparent stock controlling.

[] Zeitreduzierung

Time savings
The TDM Tool Crib Global Line Module provides time savings of up to 30% in tool provisioning.

[] Kosteneinsparungen

Cost savings
Reduce crib inventory by eliminating hidden/disorganized stock and reducing tool variety.

  • BrochureExcellence in Tool Lifecycle Management (pdf)
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