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TDM´s next generation will ring in the age for Industrie 4.0

New main release TDM 2017 offers great software features and various benefits

TDM next generation

TDM 2017, "TDM next generation," is based on a completely revised software basis that prepares Tool Data Management for the requirements of Industrie 4.0 solutions of the future. This ensures users are able to use TDM on its own or combine it with the TDM Global Line modules. The applications are built on a common data basis but still work with different software architectures. TDM 2017 uses a classic two-tier architecture for direct communication between server and database. TDM Global Line uses a three-tier architecture with interconnected IIS application servers from Microsoft. They carry out all calculations, ensuring that the transfer of data is substantially more efficient. The application servers are freely scalable and can handle virtually any number of users worldwide. Downloading tool data from catalogs or from the TDM Data and Graphic Generator is substantially faster and easier.

TDM 2017- Outstanding features

  • Individual scalability from single workplace to global TLM installation with a central server
  • uniform database for all modules and applications
  • Extremely high-performance applications with TDM Global Line using IIS application servers from Microsoft and the three-tier-architecture
  • The new software architecture (three-tier) makes it possible to use the latest interface technologies and new mobile devices, such as tablets, and enables the integration of web applications
  • At the same time, it is easy to upgrade existing TDM installations to the new platform without a complicated system change
  • The referential integrity of the database relocates the data interdependencies to the database, ensuring that improved data quality is established in the long term while also making updates easier to execute

Customers enjoy updates without system change

For many customers, TDM modules are embedded deeply in the workflow and are intended to remain operable as long-term solutions. Our objective was further system development without our customers having to change systems. This was achieved by separating application data and applications.  This also improves data quality, security, service and the implementation of updates, which are to be carried out centrally only on the application server. TDM 2017 simplifies interface handling and the use of on-demand and browser-based solutions, which can also be combined with on-site solutions.

Highlights TDM 2017

  • TDMsearch: The new, innovative tool search based on a full-text search approach with semantic filter options. Search for your tools by common search terms and gradually filter for the right tool.
  • TDMimport: This is a targeted, automatic import of tool data from various sources, both from external systems as well as from old stock. The free selection of which data fields are to be imported also allows comprehensive additions of new information, such as cutting data, to existing data records
  • Extraordinary virtual 3D tool assembly: The new tool assembly in a virtual 3D space allows entirely new views of the tool assembly and makes it possible to immediately visualize the plausibility of the assembly.
  • TDMcheck: Analyzes the completeness and logic of the data and processes in the entire TDM application and indicates areas of potential improvement.
  • Intelligent data concept: New data can be imported independently of the software version, ensuring maximum flexibility
  • New mobile crib management with TDM Flex Crib: This new browser-based solution for inventory management is an add-on to TDM Global Line and enables flexible, mobile handling of all issuing, management and reporting activities in your tool crib.
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