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TDM 3D Special Tools

Creating individual tools with a modular system using the TDM 3D-Designer

Step drills or end mills without indexable inserts are tools that are regularly used. The special feature here is that they are defined and created based on individual user requirements. The TDM 3D-Designer offers a modular system with the functions you need to assemble HSS/solid-carbide step drills or end mills individually and save them as tool data records with 2D graphics and 3D models in TDM.

Assemble your individual tool in just a few steps

The process for generating individual 3D models is virtually automatic with the TDM software. Users can then generate a tailor-made special tool with just a few mouse clicks.

  1. Assembling individual tools: With just a few mouse clicks, you can select the individual workpieces, such as shank type, body, face, chip grooves on end mills, or the number of steps and transitions per step on step drills.
  2. Entering geometry: In the next step, you enter the geometric parameters for your tool manually, such as length and diameter.
  3. Individualizing tool parameters: You can now change existing tool parameters or define new ones. This produces an individual tool, tailored specifically to the required use.
  4. Generating a tool: The TDM 3D-Designers automatically generate 2D graphics and a 3D model of the tool in multiple formats with a simple mouse click. The software also draws up a tool data record directly.
  5. Saving the tool: In the final step, the 3D-Designer saves the tool in the TDM database. The tool is then available for the TDM software applications.

The results are compelling: Users can use the tools generated in the form of 2D graphics and 3D models easily and in detail for NC programming and simulation.

Generate special tool with TDM 3D - end mill configuration. (screen view)
Generate 3D special tool with TDM - end mill geometry. (screen view)
Generate special tool with TDM 3D - end mill generator. (screen view)
Generate 3D special tool with TDM - TDM 3D Designer for Step Drills - step 1. (screen view)
Generate 3D special tool with TDM - TDM 3D Designer for Step Drills - step 2. (screen view)
Generate 3D special tool with TDM - TDM 3D Designer for Step Drills - step 3. (screen view)
Generate 3D special tool with TDM - TDM 3D Designer for Step Drills - step 4. (screen view)

Generating individual tools easily thanks to the high TDM functionality

The functionality of our TDM 3D-Designers for End Mills and Step Drills has been perfected through many years of experience. The properties that have been implemented for the respective modules on this basis facilitate fast and efficient work methods:

  • Users can assemble the tool they require individually
  • The Designer automatically offers saved templates for individual part geometries
  • These include, for example, cylindrical shank (as per the DIN standard), body with or without clearance cut, taper or conical transition, as well as face with radius or chamfer and the number of steps and step transitions
  • The TDM 3D-Designers for End Mills provide the individual tool parameters of the tool and give the option to adjust these individually
  • The software generates a tool data record, including tool graphics in various formats: 2D graphics (as DXF) and 3D formats (SAT, STL, STEP, and VRML)

Massive benefits for 3D design

The strengths of our modules for individual tool generation are clear. See the benefits for yourself:

Time savings
The TDM 3D-Designers generate individual 2D/3D tools without switching to an external CAD system

Optimized processes
Predefined geometries make data input easier

Intuitive operation
The software is intuitive to use

Optimum TDM compatibility
Tool data and geometric parameters meet the requirements of the TDM class/group structure, whereby the software then creates the data directly as a data record

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