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TDM Multi Plant Management

Central organization with the TDM Multi Plant Management software

TDM Multi Plant Management provides support for tool management in various production locations of the company. The module is based on a central tool database. The software makes it possible to reduce the data view to the specific aspects of the individual clients. There are many reasons for using TDM Multi Plant Management, including company-wide standardization of tool management or as a basis for uniform tool data.

Uniform tool data offers optimum management

Client: From TDM's perspective, a client can be both an independent plant and a specific production area. The TDM Administrator can define clients individually and assign users to each of them. It is also possible to assign one user to multiple clients.

Client – data record allocation: Users can allocate Master data to one or more clients via an allocation table. The data record can be created as multilingual. The objective is for the users of a client to only have access to the data that has been defined for them.

Client-capable TDM modules: Combine TDM Multi Plant Management with the following TDM modules:

  • TDM Base Module
  • TDM Tool Crib Module
  • TDM Ordering Module
  • TDM Fixture Management Module
  • TDM Gauge and Calibration Management
  • AME interfaces to CAM systems
  • Interfaces to presetting devices (partially client-capable) 

Client-capable data: The TDM Multi Plant Management software facilitates access to a significant portion of the production equipment data managed using TDM modules. This includes data for use of the TDM Base Module, organization of inspection equipment, or the interfaces to CAM and presetting systems.


Wide range of functions for efficient management

  • Multiple Plant Management offers standardized master data at all plants and in all departments
  • Administration is both simple and intuitive
  • Standardization of tool management means less tool variety and thereby lower tooling costs
  • Standard workflows increase the performance in a central tool database and, at the same time, productivity in tool procurement is increased

The central tool database from TDM offers a wide range of benefits

One central database manages all production equipment data throughout the company. This provides an important overview of stock. The Multi Plant Management software offers an optimum database for evaluations and control functions. The transparency achieved through company-wide standards optimizes processes with regard to tools and technologies.

Modules for production equipment management

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