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Up, up in the Cloud

TDM Systems and Sandvik Machining Solutions are revolutionizing Tool Data Management with TDM Cloud Line, the world's first cloud solution for this field. SaaS (Software as a Service) provides the program without installation. To gain instant access to thousands of items of tool data that they can use for machining, all users from manufacturing companies need is an Internet browser.

Could there be a better place? EMO 2017 in Hanover, the world's leading trade show for the machine tool industry, provided the ideal event for a sensational premiere: Sandvik Machining Solutions and TDM Systems presented the world's first entirely cloud-based software program for managing tool data. It does not have to be installed on local computers or on servers in a complex, time-consuming process. Simply call up the homepage in a web browser, enter your access data and get started – that's how easy it is to enter the world of digital tool management.

Pioneer of digitization

"Sandvik is taking over a leading role in the digital transformation of tooling with the introduction of TDM Cloud Line," declared Hugo Nordell, Director of Digital Solutions, Sandvik Machining Solutions, proudly upon the presentation of TDM Cloud Line. Nordell continued: "The TDM cloud solution enables customers to accelerate their engineering process, simulate the use of various tools and reliably plan production on the basis of comprehensive, precise tool data."

With more than 25 years' experience in Tool Data Management, TDM Systems is the ideal system partner for Sandvik, in order to provide users with an extremely sophisticated solution. Nordell is certain: "Sandvik will take on a leading role in the digital transformation together with TDM Systems."

TDM Cloud Line is based on TDM 2017 Global Line, the fully modernized TDM solution launched in spring. The cloud solution provides another significant advantage in addition to the modernization of Global Line compared to TDM 2017: Users are now able to download the data for thousands of tools from the TDM Cloud and manage this data according to their needs.

All tool data from the cloud

Only data from tool manufacturers themselves is currently available to users. The problem here is that this data differs considerably in terms of quality and depth. It frequently has to be post-edited or even completely newly created. TDM Cloud Line will provide users with integrated analysis tools for this – "fit for purpose", "data", generators and data on demand. The virtual machining process can begin straightaway.

Peter Schneck, former TDM Managing Director, knows that "The digital development process often still fails as a result of data gaps and media incompatibilities in the tool area." TDM Cloud Line closes these gaps. "With this program, it is now possible to test alternative tools, even during the product design phase. The process of creating the perfect tool has never been so fast."

The quality and availability of tool data are crucial to the success of metalworking companies. "We see ourselves as drivers of digitization for the entire Tool Lifecycle Management system – from selection to recycling," continues Schneck. "Our new cloud range means it couldn't be easier for users to start the digital journey." The first pilot customers will begin their journey this fall.

Fit for use – the checker for tool assembling

After opening TDM Cloud Line, users find themselves in the "Tool items" section. As it is already familiar from TDM Global Line, filters can be used in various ways to enable users to quickly find what they are looking for. Its simplicity is reminiscent of familiar online shopping search engines. This is also supplemented by the "Extended Search" logic for tools via the Cloud catalog. "If the user is unable to find anything suitable among their available tools, they can look for tools from other manufacturers using the search function directly in TDM Cloud Line," describes Vice President Sales Eugen Bollinger.

Bollinger mentions another new feature: "The 'Status' window immediately tells me whether my tool data is available in its entirety, specifically according to the criteria 'ready for assembly', 'ready for logistics' and for various CAM programs." Needless to say, the missing data is also displayed to allow it to be added quickly and easily. This feature, called "Fit for use", is being continuously developed as it considerably simplifies the day-to-day work of users. Bollinger: "We see the key to successful Tool Data Management in the future in this area."

A new feature has also been developed for tool assembling: 3D logic enables the relevant tool to be found and automatically assembled. Eugen Bollinger emphasizes that development should continue along this path: "When developing our products, we will consistently focus on this guiding principle: Simple – fast – reliable."

Three stars of TDM next generation

Despite this, the following is particularly important to Peter Schneck: All three TDM versions, i.e. TDM 2017, TDM 2017 Global Line and TDM Cloud Line, are available as the "TDM next generation" product group and will continue to be maintained. This means that existing investments are safe. As part of the Tool Lifecycle Management strategy, all three products are connected to the production-relevant areas of ERP, MES, tool logistics, presetting, machine tool, PLM/CAD and CAM/simulation. But making the switch has never been so simple either, and anyone who would like to try out Industrie 4.0 risk-free now has the opportunity to do so.

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