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Advanced Shopfloor Management
Necessary Tools and Data on the Machine at all Times
TDM forms the central key position between ERP, PLM/CAM, the FMS/MES applications and machining at the machine.

Fixtures, gauges & calibration equipment

TDM offers a fixture management module and also gauges and calibration equipment organization. Therefore, comprehensive production resource management is possible on the shopfloor, and the continuous inspection and documentation of fixtures and gauge and calibration equipment is ensured.


Order-oriented tool preparation

Tool lists from NC programming are available on the shopfloor via TDM. With the tool calculation, TDM determins which tools actually need to be prepared, which are already on the machine, and which are being disassembled. In the end, the right tools are on the right machine at the right time.


Optimum transition management

TDM supports the data exchange between DNC and machines and ensures that the NC program enters the machine at the same time as the actual tool data from the presetting.


Ideal calculation of tool usage

During the calculation of tool requirements, the condition of the tools that are already on the machine are taken into account. As a result, you receive a net tool list inclu-ding information on the preparation of sister tools.


Crib- & order-management

TDM controls manual and automatic crib systems, such as Paternoster or vending machines. The crib tool inventories are secured with minimum inventory display and purchase requisitions to the ERP system.


No tool-related machine downtimes

Thanks to TDM, the crib inventories are transparent, and the tools are available and at the machine at the right time. This minimizes the setup time and lowers the tool-related machine downtimes to an absolute minimum.


Complete tool circulation

TDM shows which tools are taken from the machine, records the disassembling and storage, archives the NC program, and supports the data transfer from the machine to the TDM, and it does so not only during preparation but also after order completion.

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