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Know How for CAM Planning
NC-ready Tools for Virtual Planning
TDM supports the complete virtual planning and simulation of production and has made data and graphics NC-capable. This expertise is unique in the market and makes TDM your TLM solution for Industrie 4.0.

Get the right tool quickly

In the CAM process, selecting and including the correct tools for every machining
process is decisive. TDM manages the tools according to their process-relevant features, which enables you to search for tool assemblies according to application or tool. TDM can be directly integrated into many current CAM systems. Data for digital tool assemblies is available directly in the CAM system according to the selection.

NC-ready 3D tool solids

The basic version of TDM offers a 3D CAD kernel to display and assemble 3D tool solids without an additional CAD program. Optional 2D- and 3D-graphic editing add-ons let you quickly prepare graphics for use in CAM and simulation and incorporate them in the systems. These add-ons were adapted specifically to the individual requirements of the CAM and simulation systems and are without competition on the market. This allows performing material removal simulations and collision detection with real 3D-tool solids.



Repeatable cutting data

As a knowledge base, TDM is always on point: By actively saving cutting data from production for each tool assembly, you will accrue a valuable collection of repeatable cutting data. The best possible tools can be selected in the NC programming according to tool type, machining method, and material. When necessary, TDM shows the appropriate alternatives.



Scheduling available tools

An additional advantage is the access to crib information from the NC programming. The NC programmers participate significantly in tool scheduling. Only tools that are available either in the crib or in tool circulation are offered. This is an important aspect in relation to tooling costs and ideal tool use.

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