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Lifecycle Management
The Solution for the entire Tool Lifecycle in your Company
The focus of TLM is linking and traceability. The major strength of the TDM software is the ability to become highly integrated into the existing system landscapes of a machining company.

TDM supports the NC program-related management of tool lists and the recording of cutting data from production and also makes the permanent optimization of tool use possible. International production companies can introduce centrally defined, cross-plant tool standards. This reduces costs and cycle times.

Individual solutions

The software architecture of TDM enables the implementation of local, company-wide, and in the future cloud-based solutions. At the same time, TDM is also available on various output devices. With TDM, you can map single processes as well as install universal, company-wide solutions. Single plants access the central TDM database as clients. As necessary, they see and manage only the production resources related to their own plant. Use of the TDM can be configured individually.


Neutrality creates openness

TDM is a neutral system – it is open to all tool manufacturers, but at the same time it is not linked to specific systems. Thus, it can communicate with many current systems from planning and production. This neutrality enables TDM to integrate into the complete tool lifecycle. The system collects data from production and transfers this data to other systems. Furthermore, TDM is open for connections to many online platforms for tool data.

Complete lifecycle, complete integration

The first step in the tool lifecycle is pro-duction-oriented construction. Which tools are best suited for which process steps? Which combinations are efficient? TDM supports designers with elementary information on tools and their possible applications.

TDM helps with tool selection for each NC operation, stores geometry and cutting data for each tool assembly, makes 3D-tool graphics available for NC and simulation analyses, and saves tool lists from the NC programs for further preparation on production level.

The production resources and tools must be on the machine at the right time. This is no problem thanks to the communica-tion between TDM and MES and the organized tool logistics. TDM provides the tool lists for each NC program for order-specific tool preparation.

Cutting tools are capital-intensive production resources. With TDM, the work in progress inventory and actual crib inventories are kept low, orders are initiated at the ideal time, and the tool variety is kept as low as possible.

Precision begins with the tools: TDM cooperates with leading presetter manufacturers. During the measuring procedure, these systems access the nominal data stored for each tool assembly in TDM and transfer the actual data measured back to TDM.

With TDM, the tools and NC programs simultaneously get to the correct machine, together with the current actual data of the presetted tools. The data transfer is carried out with TDM via DNC or with tool chips.

With the ERP connection, TDM takes the relevant tool information directly from commercial order management and supports the tool preassignment and procurement processes along with master data adjustment.

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