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Tools fully under Control
TDM Systems is specialist for Tool Data Management and member of the SANDVIK Group. In addition, we work with many tool and machine tool manufacturers worldwide and are their contact in relation to NC-readiness of tool data and tool graphics.

Established tool know how

As a customer, you benefit from our comprehensive tool know how, state-of-the-art software technology, and comprehensive expertise in tool management. Experience from daily tool use is integrated into our software solutions and consulting services.

Easy tool selection

Productivity begins with the selection of the correct tool for every single machining step. This is because one third of the output is already being decided during planning. TDM offers various selection methods in order to quickly choose the correct, ready-to-use tool assembly. The display of alternatives and verification of tool availability in the crib belong to a comprehensive tool selection. Thanks to these functions, the available tools can be efficiently and flexibly scheduled and made available on the production level.



Specializing in tool data

TDM makes a database available that, together with the TDM Base Module, manages the tools according to items, tool assemblies, and tool lists. The strength of the TDM software lies in the way it stores tool data by process-relevant features such as tool type, geometry, feeds & speeds, and cutting material, so you can always use the right tool for the job. Our experiences in practice ensure the continuous enhancement of tool data management and classification.



3D tool generators

One of the advantages that TDM offers
its customers is the most comprehensive spectrum of generators and designers that generate tool items on the basis of parameter models with few clicks. They can generate tool data sets with extensive geometry data as well as a 2D-DXF-graphic and a simulation-ready 3D-graphic. Currently available are standard tools and DIN tools from the manufacturers Walter and Sandvik Coromant among others. The 3D-graphics specially adapted for CAM and simulation systems render the necessary tool features and can be easily processed by the systems.



Digital tool assemblies

TDM comes with an automatic tool assembly that searches according to the definition of the machine or rather tool holder or cutting tool for possible combinations and a makes easy selection possible. In parallel, tool assembly graphics are generated from available 2D- and 3D-graphics of items. The integrated interface logic and a plausibility test guaranty a ready-to-use tool assembly. TDM also gives information about which items are installed in which tool assemblies.



TDM Data and Graphic Generator - graphical search
Item created with TDM Data and Graphic Generator
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