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TDM Systems
The competence between the IT and tool worlds

TDM Systems has its headquarters in Tübingen, Germany and is the leading software provider for managing tool data in the metal cutting industry. The company is member of the SANDVIK Group, of which TDM Systems is a 100% subsidiary. This allows TDM Systems to rely on the know-how of internationally leading tool manufacturers and participate in their customer projects. The focus of TDM Systems is on solutions and services for the entire life cycle of tool data. TDM Systems contributes to optimized planning and provision of metal-cutting tools by offering a wide range of interfaces.

More than 25 years of experience, profound development expertise and being close to tool manufacturers make TDM Systems one-of-a-kind.

"Successful manufacturing companies need a tool data management solution to achieve high manufacturing productivity, and quality by leveraging the latest technologies available on the market. TDM Systems provides industry leading tool data management solutions, proven by 900+ customers. TDM Systems is a member of the Sandvik Group and will continue to be tool vendor independent, supporting any cutting tool from any manufacturer."

Lars Bergström
President, Sandvik Machining Solutions Solutions

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About us
Experts in software and tool management
TDM Systems cares about the environment.
About us
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TDM Systems relies on partnerships to increase the competent service of our software for tool data management.
About us
An internationally established system integrator
Dietmar Bohn, Managing Director

Dietmar Bohn, Managing Director

Dietmar Bohn has been directing the businesses of TDM Systems since October 1, 2018. He joined TDM Systems from SAP SE. He spent 14 years in various positions of leadership at the Walldorf/Germany-based software company, most recently as Vice President of Industry Solution Management. The electrical engineer began his professional career in 1990 as a systems developer of machinery control systems at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, where he quickly took on managerial roles, rising to become Director of Global Processes.

[] Eugen Bollinger, Vertriebsleiter

Eugen Bollinger, Vice President Sales

Eugen Bollinger, who holds a degree in industrial electronics, has been active as Sales Director at TDM Systems since 2007. His scope of responsibilities includes internal and external sales, commercial order processing, marketing and consulting. He draws upon his many years of experience in the area of software solutions and manufacturing execution systems to support and consult with customers all over the world. Since 2013, he has also been a member of the management team as the Vice President Sales.

[] Leiter Customer Service

Harald W. Kaiser, Vice President Customer Service

Harald W. Kaiser, who holds a degree in automation engineering, began his career in 1990 at Walter Maschinenbau as a software developer. In 1992, he switched to the area of TDM software and, once there, he played an active role in shaping the company. He has contributed to German and international customer projects for many years. Starting in 2004, Harald Kaiser established the subsidiary in the USA. Today, he is leading the service department of TDM Systems as a member of the management team.

[] Achim Müller, Leiter Technik

Achim Müller, Vice President Technology

Achim Müller, who received his degree in mechanical engineering, was active in the development of TDM from the very beginning. He wrote his senior thesis while working in the TDM department that existed at Walter at the time. He then studied computer science from 1990-1993 at the University of Tübingen while simultaneously getting involved in TDM development. He is a founding member of TDM Systems. As the Vice President Technology and a member of the management team, he holds crucial responsibilities for the technical development of TDM software.

Social involvement

Social involvement is a company value that TDM Systems practices in day-to-day life as well. We devote special attention to the education of young talents. TDM Systems employs an above-average number of apprentices in the areas of office management and IT. As a cooperation partner of the school for the physically handicapped in the Neckar-Alb region, TDM Systems offers the school's students trainee positions for future office managers and also makes it possible for its own apprentices to complete social welfare-oriented internships at the school for young people with physical disabilities.

[] 1987 – 1992

1987 – 1992

The interplay between technical and organizational functions in information technology in production is discussed during the 1980s: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). The tool manufacturer Walter AG lays the foundation for Walter Informationssysteme (WIS), which will eventually focus on the integrated management of tool data. A project team develops the first basic system for purely internal purposes. Customers begin to notice this system during factory tours and insist that they get a chance to use it themselves. One year later (1989), the first module for Tool Data Management was introduced at the EMO trade show. In the years to follow, TDM Systems gradually makes further developments to the modular software, designed for integration, by adding the Crib, Gauge and Calibration Control Module.

[] 1993 – 1999

1993 – 1999

TDMeasy is the first system ever released for novice users, with a reduced range of functions. This system made it easier for smaller companies in particular to make the switch to digital tool data management. TDM Systems takes a giant leap forward by connecting Tool Data Management to the SAP world, which controls central business processes and has also become the standard for ERP applications in industrial companies. In 1993, the increasing success of the software led to the transformation of the software department at Walter into Walter Informationssysteme GmbH as the software development company of Walter AG.

[] 2000 – 2003

2000 – 2003

TDM Systems has entered into technology partnerships with mid-sized and large customers. All TDM users ultimately benefit from the new solutions and functions, such as the connection of presetting systems or the organization of the tool circulation, because these concepts have been developed further into standard modules. A step was taken toward internationalization and the cloud with The browser-supported solution for the visualization or querying of tool data and graphics worldwide provided support for international customers.

[] 2004 – 2008

2004 – 2008

In 2004, Walter Informationssysteme GmbH becomes TDM Systems GmbH, the specialist for Tool Data Management and member of the SANDVIK Group. 2004 was also an important year for TDM software: Version 4 of TDM was launched with many innovative features, including the display and processing of 3D tool graphics. TDM Systems was an absolute pioneer in the 3D capability of tool data. In 2005, the TDM Data and Graphic Generator was introduced, a completely new tool for the automated generation of 3D tool graphics and tool data based on various manufacturer catalogs.  The internationalization of TDM began when a subsidiary was founded in Chicago.

[] 2009 – 2012

2009 – 2012

TDM Systems establishes a network of service and sales partners. The software is developed further in the direction of Tool Lifecycle Management by adding new modules, such as Machine Tool Manager, as well as functions and integrations. TDM solutions can also be used on various end devices. TDM Systems develops editors and converters for quick and easy preparation of 2D/3D tool graphics for use in NC programming and simulation analysis.

[] 2013 - heute

2013 – Today

TDM Systems introduces the IT strategy "Tool Lifecycle Management." The goal is an open system all the way from CAD/CAM planning to the shopfloor that allows integration into virtually any system environment of a metal cutting company. To achieve this, TDM Systems develops its strategic partnerships with research institutes, tool manufacturers, customers and other software companies. TDM Systems is also developing web-based solutions for digitally networked factories and Industrie 4.0. The development of TDM Global Line takes shape, the software is launched in 2015 and is, at first, primarily available for the international expansion of existing customer applications.