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Partners Worldwide

Networked production requires a willingness to cooperate, which is why we rely on partnerships in technology, sales, service and research.


TDM Systems operates according to a strategy of openness, an openness to communicate with other systems, technologies and partners. Our software communicates with a wide variety of systems from the planning and production areas of manufacturing companies. We are an internationally established system integrator and cooperate with many well-known system providers, service partners and universities. Our network of partners allows us to develop our software further with the market and customers in mind, to increase the usability and to offer expert service on-site.

Sales Partners

TDM Systems has established a local network of sales partners worldwide. These partners support the internationalization of TDM by selling and distributing solutions as well as by incorporating the requirements from their own countries into the TDM software development process.

Service Partners

Through our international service partners, we offer a strong network of services to support your applica-tion. Our service partners supervise the installation and support the implementation of the software, and also offer a software service contract to provide support to users through the help desk.

Technology Partners

The trend toward digital networking requires numerous interfaces to other systems, such as CAD/CAM, MES or ERP. TDM enables integration in nearly every system environment of a metal cutting company so that the entire life cycle of a tool can be mapped digitally. To make this possible, TDM forms technology partnerships with software providers and tool manufacturers, and also develops innovative solutions through collaboration with customers.


Our cooperation with qualified universities allows us to connect the world of teaching and research to the IT world of Industrie 4.0 and to the real-world requirements of metal cutting companies. We want to offer specific platforms and real-world scenarios to researchers and students in engineering degree programs because this enables knowledge transfer and further development. We support the universities by providing them with TDM-software licenses and process know how. To ensure a real-world link, these partnerships also allows the students, the university and interested companies to work together on research projects or student theses.