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TDM Data Services

Create tool data quickly and simply

No data, no digitalization. At present, manufacturing companies can only achieve added value with high-quality tool data. TDM's data services and solutions, with their application-orientated functions, help you to significantly increase efficiency in production.

Regardless of the quality requirements for your data set by the production process. Regardless of how complex your tools are and regardless of the amount of data you require: TDM Systems helps you in every step of data acquisition and beyond.

Ideal tool data on all production levels

TDM Systems prepares tool data and provides it exactly as the systems involved in production need it. TDM Systems is the only tool data specialist to offer this service. A great deal of expertise is needed to know which system can process the data in which format. TDM Systems has exactly this knowledge and makes the tool data available precisely as needed using its interface technology.

TDM customers often do not have the time or sufficient staff with the relevant knowledge to find the data themselves and to create a central database. TDM Systems offers a number of useful functions which will help you to create your tool data.

Higher productivity and transparency thanks to efficient data acquisition

Data is of strategic importance in industry and production, particularly when it comes to digital transformation. The first step is the central recording of digital tool data.

  • TDM WebCatalog is the consistent further development of the TDM catalog range: You access manufacturer data which TDM Systems maintains for you in the cloud. This means no more time and effort spent on installation and updates because the data is always up to date. The acquisition of tool data has never been so easy! Companies currently starting the digitalization process are benefiting from the Cloud catalog. This means that you can set up consistent data management of your tool assemblies and items. The software is an intelligent and networked tool full of TDM expertise gained from over 25 years of experience: Intuitive tool search, application-specific, verified data, quick queries and a central database: The TDM solution has it all!
    Take a look for yourself now:
  • The 3D Data and Graphic Generators also provide you with thousands of templates for tool items. You can use these to generate data records for standard tools or to adapt data to your own tools by changing the parameters.
  • With the Import Assistant, you can perform mass imports from all catalogs and generators.

TDM shows you how to help yourself: Targeted training in tool data management

It is important to remain competitive during digital transformation in particular. It is essential that tool data is handled securely and efficiently. We will share our 25 years of tool knowledge with you! Our range of training courses and services are tailored exactly to your requirements. We give you the knowledge you need to create complex data systematically and correctly.

The training courses on the TDM Base Module communicate the basics on data maintenance: At an item, tool assembly and tool list level. With the knowledge gained from this training, you can assess the scope of data required for your use case, perform classifications and create, import and edit data.

Specific training courses on the generators and data and graphics editors include:

  • TDM Tool Contour Generator and TDM 3D-Revolve Generator
  • TDM Data and Graphic Generator
  • TDM 3D-Solid Editor
  • TDM 2D-Graphic Editor

Advanced training focuses on target-specific data creation. The participants expand their knowledge on data from tool families of special production methods. To successfully create complex master data, detailed knowledge of the relevant tool classes and groups is important.

Advanced training covers the following areas:

  • Drilling and milling with solid carbide tools or indexable insert tools
  • Boring tools
  • ISO turn holders (International Organization for Standardization) or VDI tool holders (in accordance with VDI guidelines) for turning tools
  • Grooving tools
  • Multi-functional tools

Do you want to also get help on other topics? Arrange further training with our experts:

  • Do you need more knowledge on dealing with classes and groups which are not covered by standard training?
  • Do you specialize in tools that cannot be covered by the standard class and group structure?
  • Don't know where to start to make extensive changes to your existing data?
  • Was the last training course you did a very long time ago?

No matter what type of help you need, TDM Systems can provide you with comprehensive support.

TDM Flex Care Credits provide you with expert advice, even on extremely complex issues relating to tool data. TDM TDM Flex Care Credits are a service individually tailored to your needs. Our experts will take care of processing your data as a service and in consultation with you: Generally by phone or via a web conference.

You can use the credits individually and flexibly. Billing is simple with the TDM Flex Care Credit System: With this system, you acquire a quota of points which covers a certain number of services. These points are redeemed when you take advantage of such services. As soon as you order a Flex Care Credits service, the ordered service is invoiced. You will then also receive details about your remaining credit and the expiry of the remaining credit.

All training is available in English or German unless otherwise specified. Contact TDM Service for other languages. We will have the right course for you too.