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Training 3D models and tool parameters for CAM systems

This training is designed for TDM users with a well-founded knowledge base, who want to store tool data and graphics (2D / 3D) for networking in CAM systems. With this, both the requirements as well as system properties are taken into account. The accompanying exercises are carried out on the training system.

Training content:

  • TDM standard classification (basics, approach for implementation, examples) for optimal use with CAM systems
  • Potential sources for your tool data and graphics
  • Requirements for tool data and 2D / 3D graphics
  • Basics assembling of complex tools 
  • Basics and use of the TDM 3D-Solid Converters for transferring 3D models to the CAM / simulation systems
  • Examples in connection with a typical CAM system

    Duration: 3 Days

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