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Calculating the profitability of tool management

Efficient tool management is an important factor for competitiveness. TDM helps companies manage their tool data and costs transparently.

Use the ROI Calculator to calculate the profitability of your tool management and increase your turnover.

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Profitability at all levels

Calculate the return on investment quickly and easily by using TDM. Quickly gain an overview of potential savings based on:

  • Standardization of your tools and a reduction in tool variety
  • Maximum technological performance of the tools
  • Maximum planning reliability thanks to the digital twin in the simulation process
  • Avoiding tool-related machine downtimes
  • Maximum tool transparency in all shopfloor processes
  • Optimum ordering processes

Intelligent tool management increases profit

The time savings achieved when planning with NC-ready data and graphics, as well as when presetting tools, have a cost reducing effect on the shopfloor. The transparency created enables companies to understand their processes and increase the profitability of tool management. Companies then benefit directly from cost reductions and productivity increases as a result.

Use the ROI Calculator and calculate your tool management profitability right away. The software quickly determines initial estimates of your potential savings and shows you the results directly on screen. If you have any questions or would you like more detailed information, our experts would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

Industry 4.0 solutions for your tool management

Increase your profitability with the Tool Data Management solutions from TDM Systems. TDM offers specifically tailored solutions for your tool management. TDM is a modular software that is based on a single database. It goes far beyond the boundaries of classic tool data management. The modules fit together like a puzzle. TDM allows planning and production to be fully networked and calculated across multiple sites. From contract manufacturers to globally active corporations – TDM offers the right solution.

  • Interfaces: TDM provides virtually every required interface: No matter whether for ERP, MES, CAD/CAM/SIM, presetting systems or your tool suppliers.
  • TDM Global Line: TDM Global Line is the latest generation of Tool Data Management. It manages tools by items, tool assemblies, and tool lists. The major advantage of this system its that its central database is available to users at all company sites. The central installation and configuration of the solution reduces IT costs and promotes tool management synergies across multiple locations.
  • TDM WebCatalog: The Web Catalog grants users access to the new tool catalogs in the cloud and therefore to tool data from multiple manufacturers that is always to up-to-date and verified. Time-consuming searches and creation of individual tools and items, or even the need for a complete tool database, are consequently things of the past. This saves time and provides more profitability.
  • TDM Shopfloor Manager: The software supports you in planning, managing, and visualizing your production resources. Both the data from your tool planning operations and the inventory data from your production operations are incorporated into this. The Shopfloor Manager determines tool requirements on the machine. The software removes and stores surplus tools. Efficient tool management at all levels.