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Tool management: For a future-proof production

In today’s modern production, the data flow of cutting tools is becoming increasingly important. Cutting tools need to be on the right machine at the right time. To ensure that this process runs smoothly, all involved systems in planning and on the shopfloor must communicate with one another. A uniform database for tools is an indispensable prerequisite here.

Tool management connects

The TDM software solutions organize and integrate tool data in all phases of planning and production. They represent the link between ERP, PLM, and MES. Firstly, they record the master data in a central database. TDM makes the information on items and tool assemblies, including 2D drawings and 3D graphics, available for CAM and simulation systems. Secondly, the software physically organizes tool circulation at shopfloor level. It thereby establishes the necessary transparency regarding tool inventories, as well as the condition and current location of tools. This is the only way to secure optimum demand planning and reduce costs.


Everyone benefits - small businesses, mid-sized companies or international corporations:

Tool management is not a question of size. It lays the cornerstone for digitalization and greater productivity at all machining enterprises. TDM Systems supports its customers in selecting and implementing the right solution – whether for a manufacturing hall with just a few machines or networked plants around the world. TDM applications are scalable, grow with you, and can be repeatedly adapted to meet current circumstances.

In-depth tool know-how

TDM Systems is the only software provider worldwide that exclusively develops solutions for managing tool data – an area it has been developing for more than 25 years.

Another unique selling point: Only TDM Systems prepares the tool data in a requirements-based way for all standard CAD/CAM and NC systems.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sandvik Group, the company also benefits from its proximity to leading tool manufacturers. Field-proven solutions and interfaces with excellent benefits for users are produced in numerous cooperations with machine and tool manufacturers, software companies, as well as customers.

Tool management offers many benefits, all of which can be achieved with the TDM solution. See for yourself and learn more about why efficient tool management is essential.

Read more to discover the concrete benefits offered by the TDM solution:

Software for production equipment management

Tool Lifecycle Management allows you to manage your production equipment transparently, systematically, and completely. The software encompasses tool organization in all phases of planning and production and also makes it quick and easy to retrieve tools. It helps assemble the tools correctly and prepare the machines in good time.

These modules manage your equipment:

  • TDM Base Module
  • TDM Gauge and Calibration Control
  • TDM Facility and Maintenance Management (FFM)
  • TDM Fixture Management Module
  • TDM Multi Plant Management

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Software for shopfloor management

Digital shopfloor management delivers tools and data to the right machine at the right time.

The software facilitates efficient production by:

  • Scheduling and preparing the tool assemblies for each order in advance
  • Calculating tool usage
  • Creating lists of required tools and
  • Taking into account the tool stock on the machine

These modules optimize your production operations:

  • TDM Tool Crib Module
  • TDM Shopfloor Manager Global Line
  • TDM Barcode Module
  • TDMstoreasy
  • TDM Ordering Module

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Software for data and graphics generation

Above all, efficient tool management requires one thing: A good database. With its 3D-Tool Generators, TDM Systems provides you with various modules for generating and supplementing tool data and graphics.

These modules make it easier for you to generate both data and graphics:

  • TDM Data and Graphic Generator
  • TDM WebCatalog
  • TDM 3D-Designer
  • TDM 2D/3D-Editor
  • TDM Tool Contour/3D-Revolve Generator

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TDM offers end-to-end Tool Lifecycle Management with its solutions. This makes tool data and graphics available in the planning and production systems used at machining companies. The benefits? TDM integrates these systems, allows data to flow and enables optimal processes. TDM thereby guarantees that your tool data will find its way to the right systems at the right time.

TDM offers the following interfaces:

  • CAD/CAM/simulation systems
  • MES Systems
  • FFS systems
  • TDM Fixture Management Module
  • Machine control systems
  • Presetting devices
  • Crib systems/cabinets
  • ERP systems

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