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CAD/CAM/Simulation Systems

Verified planning increases productivity by 30%

Therefore, the interfaces to CAD/CAM and simulation systems offer particular advantages for your processes. TDM is integrated directly into the systems, meaning that complete tool data, 2D and 3D tool graphics are available for the requirements of the planning systems. Tools can be created in TDM with multiple feeds and speeds data records. Tools are selected according to various criteria, tool data records are loaded directly into the CAM library and the NC programs are simulated using physically mapped, simulation-compatible 3D tool graphics. Improve your processes by using tool data in your planning workflows.



  • Direct access to the TDM tool database in the CAM system
  • Tool selection by tool class/group or machining process in TDM or
  • Tool selection in TDM by performing a search of the CAM system
  • Direct access to geometry data, collision data and feeds and speeds
  • Re-transfer of the tools planned in the NC program in the form of tool lists to TDM (basis for tool provisioning)
  • Provision of tool lists in the NC program, to perform functions such as programming part families with standardized tools for optimized setup


Time savings
Fast tool selection and up-to-date, centrally maintained tool data, which also ensures more efficient NC programming.

Optimized processes
Reduced risk of faults in NC programming through reliable feeds and speeds.

Cost savings
Cost savings in tool preparation through available tool lists for each NC program/order.


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