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Software for Data and Graphic Generation

Easy handling of 2D/3D tool graphics and data

For your Tool Lifecycle Management system to work properly, it needs a good data basis. TDM gives you perfect tools for populating your system with data or adding data and graphics to existing systems. Create manufacturer tools – with 2D and 3D graphics.
TDM has prepared more than 68,000 tools from manufacturers Sandvik Coromant and Walter on an application-specific basis and equipped them with the modifiable, simulation-ready 3D tool graphics. These tools make your everyday work unbeatable – and us too.

TDM modules for data and graphics generation

TDM software for data and graphic generation optimizes manufacturing processes with 3D tool generators.
TDM Data & Graphic Generator
A software system is only as good as its data. That's why high-quality tool data and graphics are indispensable for the efficient use of TDM-software. The TDM Data and Graphic Generator is a huge pool of data and graphics from tool items from a wide variety of manufacturers. The software is a generation tool and creates a complete tool data record with just a few clicks, including 2D graphics and 3D models. It is exceptionally well suited for populating a database and for enhancing tool data by adding true-to-detail 3D models for simulation and collision monitoring. Find out more
Advantages of digitization with the TDM Web Catalog from Global Line.
TDM WebCatalog
Without good tool data there cannot be future-proof tool management. This sounds logical and appears to be simple. With TDM's tool catalogs from the cloud, populating tool data has actually never been so easy. In the TDM WebCatalog, TDM Systems has combined all its expertise on software, tools and items, as well as master data. This has produced an intelligent tool that makes the day-to-day work of TDM users much easier. Find out more
With the TDM software for data and graphic generation you can easily generate 3D special tools.
TDM 3D Special Tools
End mills and step drills are frequently used special tools and are created according to the individual requirements of the user. TDM 3D-Designer offers the functions you need to assemble your individual tool and store it as a data record with 2D and 3D graphics in TDM. Intuitively, with just a few clicks, you can define each step of the tool with the respective geometric features. Find out more
DXF Editor - TDM editors for 2D graphics and 3D solid models. (icon)
TDM 2D / 3D-Editor
The TDM 2D/3D-Graphic Editor is designed for easy and fast creation and editing of DXF or STEP/SAT tool graphics. As an additional module for integration into TDM, it facilitates an ergonomic workflow in the familiar TDM environment. Switching to external 2D/3D CAD systems is no longer necessary. Find out more
TDM software generates 3D models from rotating tool graphics. (icon)
TDM Tool Contour / 3D-Revolve Generator
The TDM Tool Contour Generator creates rotatable 2D contours from 2D DXF tool graphics which can then be revolved by the TDM 3D-Revolve Generator. For the user, this results in a simulation-ready 3D tool graphic in STEP format, which can be loaded directly into a CAM/simulation system. As an additional field of application, the TDM Tool Contour Generator also supports CAM systems that revolve 3D graphics from 2D DXF contours directly in the CAM system. Use your tool data in 3D the TDM Tool Contour Generator makes it possible. Find out more