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TDM 2D/3D-Editor

Editors for 2D graphics and 3D solid models

High-quality tool data and tool graphics facilitate efficient work processes and increase productivity. The TDM software supports you in all planning and production processes with a large number of modules. With the TDM 2D-Graphic Editor and the TDM 3D-Solid Editor, you always have exactly what you need for generating and editing your tool data.

TDM 2D-Graphic Editor

The TDM 2D-Graphic Editor is the compact graphics solution for your TDM. It facilitates quick and easy creation and editing of DXF tool graphics, for example for re-editing graphics provided by manufacturers. As an additional module integrated into TDM, the Editor thereby allows for an efficient workflow in the familiar TDM environment. Switching to external 2D CAD systems is then no longer necessary. The affordable and reliable solution meets many editing needs in the daily workflow on your shopfloor.

The DXF Editor TDM 2D-Graphic. (screen view)
The DXF Editor TDM 2D-Graphic - layer properties. (screen view)

An overview of the functions offered by the TDM 2D-Graphic Editor

Thanks to the high functionality you can create 2D graphics in no time:

  • The software makes the precise setting of the zero point for correct tool assembly possible
  • TDM-specific functions: Setting max. XS dimension, setting max. YS dimension, setting max. diameter dimension, various viewing modes (tool assembly, item), fast and direct displays, setting and drawing BMG-specific layers, measuring system conversion (metric/imperial)
  • Functions for tool contour editing (as of TDM 2018, requires TDM Tool Contour Generator module), such as generating and closing contours
  • The Editor can adjust non-graphic elements, such as block references, in the drawing
  • Line color, thickness, type, etc. can be flexibly adjusted
  • Among others, the TDM 2D-Graphic Editor offers functions for drawing: Line, polyline, dimensioning, circle, shading, text
  • Further functions include the following: Properties manager, object snap, grips, mirror, rotate, crop, break, stretch

Benefits of the TDM 2D-Graphic Editor

Time saving
The TDM 2D-Graphic Editor makes it easy to edit tool graphics. Users access the Editor within the TDM application. This eliminates the need for time-consuming switching to a different CAD system.

Optimized process
Convenient TDM-specific functions for 2D graphics as per the BMG standard/DIN 69874

Intuitive operation
Data and graphics can be conveniently entered in TDM. Intuitive operation thanks to usage of standard CAD functions.

TDM 3D-Solid Editor

Do you receive 3D models from tool manufacturers that are actually only useful for tool documentation purposes? Do you need to manually edit the models for use in NC programming and simulation systems? Do you receive 3D models that are not TDM-compliant? Then the TDM 3D-Solid Editor is exactly the right tool for you.

The 3D-Solid Editor offers special functions for optimum reworking of the 3D model for this purpose in the STEP and SAT formats. Using the 3D-Solid Editor, you can prepare the 3D models efficiently for smooth tool assembly.

Functions and benefits of the TDM 3D-Solid Editor at a glance

  • The Editor makes it easy to move the model origin for correct tool assemblying
  • Users can correct the alignment (position of the tool)
  • Setting cutting (CUT) and non-cutting areas (NOCUT) in 3D bodies and contours
  • Measuring system conversion (metric/imperial)
  • Contour editing: Adding contours (outlines, surface contours, loading user-specific contours), removing contours
  • Dividing 3D bodies into non-cutting/cutting
  • 3D measuring functions available

Stay one step ahead with TDM

The functions of the TDM 2D-Graphic Editor and the TDM 3D-Solid Editor make it quick and easy to adapt and correct 2D graphics and 3D solid models directly in TDM. See for yourself and start optimizing your tool graphics now!

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