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TDM Data and Graphic Generator

TDM Data and Graphic Generator (T3D): Generating tool data made easy

High-grade tool data and graphics are basic prerequisites for working efficiently. The TDM Data and Graphic Generator (T3D) can generate both standard tools and semi-standard tools in various formats (2D, 3D) together with accompanying tool data and then save these as TDM items. It includes a large pool of tool items.

Graphics generation of detailed 3D models

The TDM Data and Graphic Generator (T3D) contains parameterized macros of around 72,500 tools from various suppliers.

The graphics generation functionality produces a complete record of tool data, including 2D graphics and 3D models, with just a few mouse clicks. It is ideally suited to populating a tool database, as well as for extending or supplementing tool data and graphics. The degree of detail (detailed or simplified) can be configured for each output format.

Selecting and creating tool items – with just a few mouse clicks

The large scope of functions offered by our TDM Data and Graphic Generator makes creating tool graphics and models a quick and easy task. The impressive functionality provided by our software module therefore facilitates fast and efficient work methods:

  • Selection of tools by tool type, manufacturer, tool order number, or also various classifications (T3D, TDM Class and Group Structure, DIN4000)
  • With just one click, the software creates a tool data record, as well as the 3D model and 2D drawing
  • The software creates the data record and the graphics as TDM items
  • The Graphic Generator automatically assigns the TDM Class and Group Structure to the data record
  • Predefined parameters can be modified, meaning that semi-standard tools or tools from other manufacturers can be created
  • T3D generates the graphics in various formats, which allows them to be used in virtually all common NC programming and simulation systems
  • The Graphic Generator can generate the following 3D formats: STEP, SAT, STL, and VRML
  • The software produces 2D graphics in DXF format
  • The TDM items created by the Generator can be used for TDM tool assembly without the need for any further adjustments

Consistent quality

Data, 2D graphics, and 3D models are consistent with one another (for example, any change in projection length in the data is then also applied in the 2D graphics and the 3D models).
All tools enjoy the same, constant quality in terms of data and output formats.


Creating your own data records

You can modify existing data records (such as projection length, diameter) and save these as dedicated templates in the TDM Data and Graphic Generator. They are then available for future purposes.


Generating CUT and NOCUT layers with 2D DXF

As of TDM 2017, it is also possible (configurable) to have the CUT and NOCUT layers already incorporated when generating the DXF files. You can then, for example, also easily generate contours with detailed 2D graphics.

The following additional areas are also included in the T3D:

T3D has a modular structure. Among others, it includes rotating and standing tools to cover the greatest possible range of machining.

The "rotating tools" section

This contains a large number of an standard drilling and milling tools, as well as rotating tool holders from manufacturers including Sandvik Coromant, Walter, as well as manufacturer-neutral tools (such as DIN-compliant tools). These include the following modules:

  • Milling tools
  • Drilling tools
  • HSS/solid-carbide standard tools
  • Rotating holders

The "standing tools" section

This contains ISO turning tools with square shank, CAPTO and HSK-T shank, grooving tools, thread cutting tools, as well as standing holders from manufacturers such as Sandvik Coromant, Walter, as well as manufacturer-neutral tools. These include the following modules:

  • Turning tools
  • Grooving and thread cutting tools
  • Standing holders

Indexable inserts

Generating individual indexable inserts

  • ISO indexable inserts
  • Manufacturer-specific indexable inserts
  • Inserts
  • Thread turning inserts


TDM 3D-Designer

Beside the standard generators, the T3D range also offers further T3D modules for special requirements:

  • TDM 3D-Designer for End Mills
  • TDM 3D-Designer for Step Drills

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Clear benefits for generating data and graphics with TDM

With us, you can generate both digital manufacturer tools and manufacturer-neutral tools with a single mouse click. Producing 2D graphics and 3D models has never been so easy. The benefits of our software speak for themselves:

Time savings
When generating a data record with 2D graphics and 3D models, users enjoy a time saving of around 90% over conventional processes.

Optimized processes
The software generates 3D models in common NC formats that are suitable for use in simulations.

Highly flexible
Users can change the parameters flexibly, which enables creation of semi-standard tools or tools from other manufacturers.

Consistent quality
Data, 2D graphics, and 3D models are consistent and of the same quality

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