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TDM WebCatalog

Creating tool data made easy

Without good tool data there cannot be future-proof tool management. This sounds logical and appears to be simple. With TDM's tool catalogs from the cloud, populating tool data has actually never been so easy. In the TDM WebCatalog, TDM Systems has combined all its expertise on software, tools and items, as well as master data. This has produced an intelligent tool that makes the day-to-day work of TDM users much easier.
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Stream tool data easily

Tool data is the basis for a digitalized production process. Recording it centrally in a database creates transparency in terms of planning and production. This increases efficiency and productivity. The TDM WebCatalog provides up-to-date tool data from leading manufacturers. Storing entire catalogs on the company's servers is a thing of the past.

In the TDM WebCatalog, TDM users can quickly find the tool items they currently need and import them just as quickly into their tool database.

New customers can reduce their initial effort for data population using the TDM WebCatalog; existing TDM Systems customers are supported by keeping their existing tool data up to date. This lays the foundation for smooth tool management.

Creating tool data made easy with the TDM WebCatalog. (screen view)
Creating tool data made easy with the TDM WebCatalog. (Search screen view)
Creating tool data made easy with the TDM WebCatalog. (Screen view of search results)

Clever functions make populating tool data easier

  • Intuitive tool search: The TDM WebCatalog quickly finds the tool or items you are looking for, regardless of whether the user has any specific information such as geometry and tool parameters, TDM classification or order number. They can also search via free text input.
  • Application-ready data should not be taken for granted. It is one of TDM's unique selling points. Depending on which CAM system you define in the account, the TDM WebCatalog will show you whether there are any required parameters missing.
  • Seamless further processing: Your TDM application transfers the data records called up in the TDM WebCatalog to the central database without any steps inbetween. The data is then located at exactly the right place in compliance with the TDM class and group structure.
  • Completeness check: The tool checks the parameters transferred and highlights any missing information. You can add this manually. This means that you can increase the quality of your data.
  • Data security: Data transfer in the TDM WebCatalog is a one-way street. You can only download data. Company-related data will not leave your server. The optimizations that you have performed yourself will only be saved in the company's own database on your server.

Do you want to use the TDM WebCatalog?

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to use the TDM WebCatalog optimally and to import new tool data without any problems:

  • Software: As a user of TDM 2019 or TDM Global Line 2019, and with a current TDM Software Maintenance Contractplus, you can register at You need to complete a one-time activation process to connect your account to your TDM 2019 Server. Once completed, you will always have free access to all data.
  • Browser: The tool is compatible with Chrome and Internet Explorer 11
  • IT system: Make sure that your IT system's firewall allows access to the TDM WebCatalog.

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