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Software for production equipment management

Manage production equipment with perfect transparency and find it at any time!

Production equipment management made easy

Tool Lifecycle Management is the IT strategy for production equipment. It includes tool organization in all phases of planning and production. The TDM software makes it quick and easy to retrieve tools. It helps assemble the tools correctly and prepare the machines ok. The production equipment management software increases quality and displays the availability of all resources needed for an order. The simplified entry of data significantly increases efficiency and overall performance. Each function of TDM is a building block of a well-functioning Tool Lifecycle Management system.

Tool Lifecycle Management as a link

Tool Lifecycle Management is a link between ERP, PLM, and MES. It secures communication between the systems for planning and production. Tool Lifecycle Management captures tool data and graphics and then makes these available in the CAM and simulation processes. It also manages the physical organization of the tool circulation on the shopfloor level.

Clear benefits for increased efficiency

The production equipment management solution offers clear benefits. It makes it easier for users to enter data, which in turn facilitates more efficient use of tools.

- 50 %

Time effort

Production equipment management reduces the time required for selecting tool data by up to 50%.

- 25 %

Tool costs

The software reduces and standardizes the tool variety. This reduces tooling costs by up to 25%. It also increases the frequency of use for available tools.

+ 50 %


The integrable catalogs for tool data make data input secure. Speed is increased by up to 50%.

These TDM modules manage your production equipment

Production equipment management with the TDM Base Module Global Line.
TDM Base Module
The TDM Base Module forms the foundation for TDM Tool Management. The tools are managed according to tool items, tool assemblies and tool lists and gives you an overview of all tools used on your shopfloor. A wide variety of interfaces enables the TDM Base Module to exchange data on the planning level with ERP, CAD/CAM and simulation systems and on the production level with MES/FMS systems, with crib systems, presetting devices and machines. The highlights of the TDM Base Module are efficient options for data input and easy operation. Other highlights include practical functions such as automatic tool assembly and easy tool selection. Find out more
Production equipment management made easy with TDM gauge and calibration management.
TDM Gauge & Calibration Management
The purpose of the Gauge and Calibration Control Module of TDM is to organize, supervise and calibrate measuring and inspection equipment. In addition to extensive master and inventory data management, this especially includes the planning of timely gauge inspection and calibration. The goal is to have 100% reliable measuring and inspection equipment at all times. MPO systematizes your measuring and inspection equipment monitoring, thus ensuring secure and absolutely reliable quality assurance. Find out more
Production equipment management made easy with TDM fixture management.
TDM Fixture Management
The TDM Fixture Management Module manages all fixtures independently with master data and bills of materials. The objective is to provide the correct fixture for the production order. This generates time savings and know how through the optimum selection of fixtures. The management system includes detailed information and individual knowledge about the fixtures. In addition, data about the physical location in the crib is managed. Because production is not possible without the right fixture, the TDM Fixture Management Module provides all the options you need for managing fixtures. Find out more
Production equipment management with the TDM Facility & Maintenance Management.
TDM Facility & Maintenance Management
TDM Facility and Maintenance Management (FMM) is focused on reliable and clearly structured organization of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities for production equiqment and facilities. These are defined in detail, planned and carried out using FMM. Inspection results are documented electronically and the costs for the maintenance activities and spare parts and repairs are entered. FMM enables documentation of the accident prevention measures and calculates the maintenance costs as a basis for making further investment decisions. Find out more
Production equipment management with the TDM Multi Plant Management.
TDM Multi Plant Management
TDM Multi Plant Management supports you in tool management across various production facilities in your company, based on a central database. The software makes it possible to reduce the data view to the specific aspects of the individual clients. Objectives for using TDM Multi Plant Management can include company-wide standardization of tool management and a uniform tool data pool. Find out more