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TDM Fixture Management Module

The quick and easy way to organize your fixtures: The TDM Fixture Management Module

Every production order requires suitable fixtures. The TDM Fixture Management Module extends your tool management, allowing you to check the availability of your fixtures and provide both the necessary workpieces and information on your setup for each production order. Your fixtures are scheduled in the manufacturing process just like your other production resources. By extending Tool Data Management to include fixtures, you can further reduce the setup times of your machines.

Comprehensive scope of functions

You save all information that you require in order to structure, maintain, yet also search for a suitable fixture in the fixture master data.
The module is fully connected to the Tool Crib Module, providing you with information on the location of your fixtures in the crib at any time.

Fixtures are entered in tool lists together with the other operating equipment, so that you can keep the right tools and fixtures available for each production order and book them for a machine.

Organizing Fixtures with TDM - Master Data.
Organizing Fixtures - 3D graphic.

Data for efficient management

The fixture master data contains all parameters, documents, and information that you require in order to find a suitable fixture and then make it available on the shopfloor.

A class structure for fixtures is also provided. This makes it easier for you to select the parameters. You can of course also adapt this class structure to your own requirements or use your own classes.

Similarly to tool management in TDM, each fixture master data record contains a pick list, which includes all individual items of that fixture.

Additional 2D graphics and 3D models, blueprints, and perspective views of the fixture document its assembly and setup.
Information on suppliers of the clamping devices supplements the data and also ensures that the fixtures section is ready for the ordering system.

If desired, you can also enter modification notes, so that all changes to a clamping element are logged and comprehensible.

Central organization of your fixtures: The functions in detail

To be able to process production orders smoothly, our software provides you with everything in and around workpiece clamping digitally, centrally, and transparently. Our module offers the following options:

  • Quickly retrieve stored clamping elements
  • List of all workpieces required for assembling a fixture
  • Adding fixtures to a tool list facilitates order-based planning of all equipment
  • TDM offers an integrated display option with up to nine views of a workpiece fixture, which is extremely helpful in ensuring correct alignment, for example of clamping cubes
  • The classification system makes the necessary data fields available. You can use a supplied system or define your own. It can be given a hierarchical structure with as many organizational levels as required.

Completely transparent management of your fixtures

Discover the benefits of managing your fixtures digitally:

Cost savings
The TDM Fixture Management Module saves all information in detail, which saves time when finding and fitting the right clamping elements.

Central database
TDM saves fixture data centrally.

Time savings
Users have an overview of the current use and status of the clamping elements.
Users can also quickly check the availability of clamping elements for their current production planning with the crib information.

Option: Cyclical checking of fixtures

Some fixtures or clamping elements need to be checked and maintained at regular intervals. These include fixtures which contain electrical elements, pressure accumulators, or similar elements, as well as those which must be capable of delivering a defined clamping force. The TDM Fixture Management Module can optionally also manage and monitor the necessary maintenance intervals for such clamping elements. The clamping elements due for a check are then displayed to the operating personnel, so that the maintenance can be performed at the appropriate time. All documentation necessary for performing the maintenance can of course also be managed with the TDM Fixture Management Module, for example in connection with TDM Production Document Management.

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