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TDM Gauge and Calibration Equipment Control

Reliable gauge and calibration control software for efficient quality assurance

Gauge and Calibration Control (MPO) from TDM is used for organizing, monitoring, and calibrating gauges and inspection equipment. Beside master data management, definition of inventory data is obligatory in this section. This facilitates planning of an individual gauge inspection and calibration process. As a user, you then have access to accurate inspection equipment at all times – as the quality of production depends on this.

Inspection equipment monitoring from TDM offers high added value

The module systematizes inspection equipment management, thereby ensuring secure and completely reliable quality assurance at all times. Advance calculation of the inspection timing represents the basis for the precision of the measuring and inspection equipment. Integrated plans for performing testing and calibration are just as important. You can then rely on transparent and cost-effective monitoring of your gauges, measuring and inspection equipment.

Simple gauge and calibration control monitoring thanks to a variety of functions

Comprehensive basic data, such as master data, inventory data, parameters, pick lists, graphics, or inspection equipment references, are a component of this reliable management tool. The software comes with a range of predefined basic data. This includes a class and group structure for inspection equipment or dynamic inspection intervals and tables of dimensions.

Screen display of the TDM gauge and calibration control software.
Screen display of the TDM gauge and calibration control software - graphical search
Screen display of the TDM gauge and calibration control software - tables of limits.

The TDM Gauge and Calibration Control software offers efficient management

Management of inspection equipment is essential to maintain the high quality standards of your production operations. Our software module helps you as follows here:

  • The software architecture is application-oriented. This facilitates practically-oriented work methods
  • Structured data management helps secure transparent and clearly structured master data and inventory data
  • Users receive predefined inspection plans, which comply with the guidelines as per VDI/VDE/DGQ2618 and can, if necessary, also be amended and extended. You can then relax, knowing that you do not have to enter the plans yourself.
  • Planning of fixed or dynamic inspection intervals
  • The regression analysis evaluates the measured data from the calibration of measuring and inspection equipment over an extended time period and thereby allows a forecast to be produced as to whether and when measuring and inspection equipment needs to be replaced
  • The integrated document management functionality saves information centrally, ensuring that your know how and expertise are always available in the right place and easy to find
  • Option for entering tolerance limits
  • Inspection equipment management generates meaningful reports in areas such as frequency of use and need for testing
  • Automatic measured value acquisition offers efficiency in the measurement of various pieces of equipment, such as length measurement devices, calibration test rigs, gauge interfaces, dial gauge rigs, surface measurement devices, etc.

The benefits of greater security and quality for your measuring and inspection equipment

Economic work methods are a must for all production areas in this day and age. The use of our Gauge and Calibration Control software at your company offers you the following benefits:

Cost savings
TDM helps you to save costs. Transparent inventories of inspection equipment facilitate efficient work methods. You then always know the condition of every single instrument. 

Time savings
Automatic acceptance of measured values saves a huge amount of time.
The predefined inspection plans as per DIN/VDI also deliver a clear time saving. You then do not have to enter the plans yourself. 

Optimized processes
Gauge & Calibration Management is type-based and contains integrated tables of dimensions & inspection plans. Systematic supervision of the measuring and inspection equipment organizes the right gauge in the right location at the right time.

Individual adaptability
Fast data access ensured by centrally saved inspection equipment information. In addition, fast evaluation with the form generator possible. Simple planning / execution of gauge / calibration by automatic acquisition of measured values.

Optimized processes
The software is intuitive to use and compatible with the Tool Crib Module. The Gauge and Calibration Control module ensures that inspection equipment is ready for use. Thanks to compatibility with the Tool Crib Module, you can then see where the measuring and inspection equipment is currently located, who is using it, and who has requested it. This also helps you achieve a high degree of process reliability for inspection equipment.

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