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Software for Shopfloor Management

Digital Shopfloor Management

Be one step ahead of the competition with TDM

The utilization of machines is an important topic in industry. Digitalization offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to optimize their processes and reduce machine downtimes. The shopfloor management software is a central element of a networked production. It delivers tools and data to the right machine at the right time.

TDM digitizes the shopfloor

Many different systems are involved in the completion of a workpiece: ERP, PLM/CAD, FMS/MES applications and the machine itself. The TDM software connects the individual links in the production chain and secures an end-to-end data flow.

The shopfloor management software facilitates more efficient production by:

  • scheduling and preparing the tool assemblies for each order in advance
  • calculating tool usage
  • creating lists of required tools and
  • taking into account the tool stock on the machine

Another advantage: The data from the machine flows back into the TDM database. This helps improve the workflows of subsequent orders. Thanks to the continuous process of improvements, Tool Data Management develops into Tool Lifecycle Management.

Digital shopfloor management: The benefits with TDM

- 50 %

Time efforts

Cut the time you require for tool provision and assembling the tools in half.

- 95 %

Machine downtimes

As a result of missing or incorrect tools.

+ 100 %

Process improvements

Through integrated processes and availabilities.

Manage your shopfloor with these TDM modules

Digital Shopfloor Management with our TDM Tool Crib Module Global Line.
TDM Tool Crib Module
The TDM Tool Crib Module includes all apps to guide the movements of the tools through the tool cycle of production. It forms an important basic function in the comprehensive tool life cycle management process. Gathering the tool and production resource stock levels and giving information about their status and location form a solid basis for the planning of tools, orders, and machine occupation. The software supports ordering processes, controls and manages automated and manual crib systems, and ensures optimum crib inventory levels. The right tool in the right location becomes reality. Find out more
Digital Shopfloor Management with our TDM Shopfloor Manager Global Line.
TDM Shopfloor Manager
The TDM Shopfloor Manager module organizes the digital tool management in the production environment. The visual process planning guides users through the individual tool circulation stations, from the tool crib to the machine, in a targeted manner. In addition, different, individually configurable tool processes on the shopfloor are supported in parallel. This achieves a high level of transparency in the tool circulation and maximum machine utilization. Find out more
Digital Shopfloor Management with our TDM Barcode Module.
TDM Barcode Module
The TDM Barcode Module makes the perfect addition to TDM Tool Crib Module, enhancing crib management by incorporating a barcode system. This extension to the system allows data to be captured, by scanning QR codes and barcodes, and entered in the TDM Tool Crib Module straight away. This creates transparency across all crib movements. By connecting the barcode scanner with the data transfer station, data is transmitted by USB straight to the TDM application. Find out more
Digital Shopfloor Management with our TDMstoreasy.
TDMstoreasy lets you get on top of your tool usage. The software was developed specially for operating tool cabinets and is simple, fast and intelligent. Find out more
Digital Shopfloor Management with our TDM Ordering Module.
TDM Ordering Module
TDM Ordering Module implements usage-oriented order management in the tool crib. Orders are submitted at the correct time, are traceable and are recorded on an order-specific basis at goods receipt. The TDM Ordering Module can be integrated into existing processes according to your system environment, either as a standalone procurement system or integrated into an existing ERP system. Extensive supplier management enables an overview of all supplier information, including terms and pricing. Save time and money by optimizing purchase orders and making stock levels transparent! Find out more