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TDM Barcode Module

Flexible tool crib management with barcode scanner

Barcode-based Tool Crib Modules provide more effective support for recording your crib inventory levels. The software manages the crib systematically and simply.

TDM Barcode and Tool Crib Module: A perfect combination

The TDM Barcode Module makes the perfect addition to the TDM Tool Crib Module, enhancing the tool crib management functionality by incorporating a barcode system. Users simply scan data via the QR and barcodes. The module then records these and books them directly in the TDM Tool Crib Module. This offers a precise view of the respective stock location and transparency of all stock movements. The connection from the barcode scanner to the data transfer station checks whether the data is plausible and free of errors. It then transfers the data directly to the TDM application via USB.

Scanned-in bookings are transferred directly to the TDM Tool Crib Module.

Recording crib inventory levels made easy

The barcode solutions from TDM make it even easier to record crib inventories. Simply scan the barcodes and all stock movements, as well as queries and evaluations, are then performed automatically. User-defined access permissions simplify crib organization and make tool usage transparent.

TDM offers a mobile and dialog-controlled solution with the Casio DT-X200 barcode scanner. An affordable alternative for a barcode-controlled crib is barcode control via handheld scanner. Both options offer more effective support for your tool crib management.

Barcode-based tool crib management offers efficient functions with added value

When our TDM Barcode Module is used together with our TDM Tool Crib Module, this represents a perfect combination for getting the most out of digital tool crib management:

  • The software performs all stock movements, as well as queries and evaluations, via a barcode scanner
  • Users can define various access permissions and then save these to keycards or ID cards
  • User-defined access permissions simplify crib organization and make tool usage transparent
  • The barcode terminal works independently of a PC
  • The tool crib management system transfers booking data from the barcode terminal to the TDM Tool Crib Module via the docking station 
  • Following transfer of the booking data, users can make bookings directly in the Tool Crib Module
  • The booking dialogs are easy

Significant benefits for your tool crib management with a barcode system

Your crib must be properly designed if you wish to stay one step ahead of the competition. With our barcode system, you can organize your crib even more efficiently and more transparently. The added value is clear:

Save time
Secure and fast data acquisition saves time and reduces incorrect data input. The efficiency of the module reduces incorrect bookings to a minimum.

Optimized processes
Users have controlled access to stock, i.e. the module records all movements in the crib. Tool crib management with the TDM Barcode Module optimizes processes and helps secure more transparent stock movements.

Intuitive operation
Intuitive handling and use of standardized technology means employees can use the barcode scanners without training.

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