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TDM Ordering Module

Transparent tool ordering with the TDM Ordering Module

The tool ordering of TDM Systems organizes independent procurement of the tools. This makes it easy to find and order the tools you require. The module is versatile and offers consumption-based order management in the tool crib.

Impressive structure for optimized tool ordering

The TDM Ordering Module always submits a tool order at the right time, is transparent, and records the articles with order reference when they are received. There is a wide range of system environments and processes in the field of machining. Users can integrate order management in their process, either as a standalone procurement system or integrated into an existing ERP system.

The supplier master data in the TDM Base Module represents the basis of the TDM Ordering Module. This data not only contains the suppliers, but also the order information for the respective articles. The comprehensive supplier management functionality facilitates an accurate overview of all supplier information and conditions.

Transparent tool ordering - Edit data of requirement with TDM software.

Integration into TDM Tool Crib Organization

Users should ideally link the TDM Ordering Module to the TDM Tool Crib Module. The inventory data defined here, as well as the defined minimum inventory levels, form the basis for an optimum ordering organization: Calculation of more affordable order quantities and overview of all orders and goods received. As such, order management represents the optimum addition to the TDM Tool Crib Module and thereby establishes the connection between the shopfloor and the purchasing department.

Users can place and manage all orders economically with the TDM Ordering Module, which makes the inventory and ordering processes both transparent and comprehensible on the shopfloor. This means that the right tools are available for optimized machining and thereby that the highest quality can be achieved at all times.

Our TDM Ordering Module has a lot to offer

You can use our software to establish a consumption-based order management system in the tool crib both quickly and easily. Its broad range of functions is what enables the module to handle this:

Orders made easy

  • The starting point for optimized orders is automatic querying of the minimum inventory level of individual articles
  • Tool ordering generates purchase requests and forwards them to the executing ERP system
  • Tool order management provides a detailed overview of all orders, order items, and goods received
  • Users can determine time-related consumption statistics and calculate ranges
  • Calculating the optimum order date is just as easy, with precise timing and quantities
  • The integrated approval mechanism returns existing orders, locks them, or releases them

The right solution for all users

  • Orders are submitted directly to suppliers via e-mail from the TDM Ordering Module or via an interface to ERP systems (SAP, PIUSS)
  • All orders can be generated as a file (for example *.doc, *.xls, *.txt, etc.) and users can print them out as order forms
  • There are two ways to record goods received:
    • Order-based: The system assigns the goods received to the corresponding order based on the order number.
    • Article-based: The system assigns articles that have been received to the corresponding orders via EasyPick.
  • With the TDM Ordering Module, users are not only able to procure equipment defined in TDM, but also any articles not subject to TDM-internal management

Clear benefits for tool ordering with the TDM Ordering Module

Make your tool order management digital and transparent. Work with us to optimize your ordering process within production. The benefits are clear:

Cost savings
Economic crib management saves costs through automatic display of the minimum inventory level and procurement trends.

Optimized processes
All supplier information is integrated in the system. Monitoring of the ordering processes allows all processes to be optimized – from purchase requisition, all the way up to goods being received.

Cost savings
The module orders the optimum quantity at the optimum time and thereby reduces both tooling and ordering costs.

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