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Optimize your tool cabinet management intelligently with TDMstoreasy

The TDMstoreasy software supports you in managing your tool cabinets. TDM developed the solution specifically for operation of tool cabinets. The uncomplicated way to optimize your tool cabinet management.

Simple tool crib management

No matter what the situation in your tool crib is: TDMstoreasy supports you in tool dispensing, recording tool usage and reordering the tools.

The flexible software from TDM Systems controls all types of tool cabinets, regardless of their manufacturer. Tool cabinet management allows various cabinets to be operated with a uniform interface. It makes no difference here whether the user is using various cabinet types from multiple manufacturers. One control element is used to control multiple cabinets. However, users can also use a separate control element for each cabinet.

Optimize tool cabinet management with graphical stock location management within TDMstoreasy.
Optimize tool cabinet management with graphical stock location management with cabinet in TDMstoreasy.
Optimize tool cabinet management with graphical search in TDMstoreasy.
Optimize tool cabinet management with dispensing in TDMstoreasy.

Focus on management and dispensing

TDMstoreasy manages articles ranging from tool items all the way up to electronic components. Tool cabinet management offers an efficient overview of the availability of existing tools here. The core functions of the software revolve purely around management and dispensing of individual articles.

Tool management facilitates controlled dispensing of tools and books corresponding tool usage to the respective cost centers. This helps secure seamless recording of tool usage, as well as prompt ordering of the articles. Users can use TDMstoreasy as a pure "cabinet controlling software" or as an efficient supplement to the TDM Tool Crib Module.

Simplifying optimization of your tool cabinet management

We will help you get your tool management under control quickly.

With TDM tool dispensing, you can have the desired tool in your hand quickly with just three mouse clicks. There is no need to wait, and the system operates reliably around the clock:

  1. Simply log in 
  2. Select the desired article
  3. Remove the article 

More functions are as follows:

  • The standardized ERP interface for forwarding purchase requests is an optional function
  • TDMstoreasy records all article entries and removals and always provides the available reporting tools with up-to-date data
  • E-mail reporting: This reporting service creates evaluation reports as *.CSV files and sends these by e-mail or saves them to a drive
  • Tool management simplifies assignment of user rights for controlled access
  • Graphical configuration of the stock locations guarantees allocation optimization

TDMstoreasy impresses with its many benefits

If you too no longer have an overview of what tools you have in your tool cabinet, it is time to install our software module on your shopfloor. Whether you use it as a standalone module or as an additional module to supplement the TDM Base and Tool Crib Modules, TDMstoreasy will improve your tool cabinet management. See for yourself.

Optimized processes
TDMstoreasy facilitates clearly structured and cost-conscious provision of tools around the clock.

Intuitive handling
Management with TDMstoreasy allows each tool cabinet to be controlled with an intuitive user interface.

Central database
The software evaluates the crib inventory levels of all connected cabinets, whereby the database records dispensing with cost center reference.

Cost savings
This easy tool crib management reduces costs by maintaining optimum crib inventories: The cabinets do not contain any more tools than necessary.

Optimized processes
Users can reorder tools quickly and easily using the standardized ERP interface.

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