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Diversity & inclusion
Being successful together, enrichment through diversity, balancing work and family life

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental parts of our corporate culture and strategy. Diversity means more to us than just providing the same career opportunities for men and women.

For us, diversity means employing people of any age, giving men and women the same career opportunities at every level of the company and integrating employees into our company from the many different nations of the world. Our understanding of diversity encompasses both personal and cultural differences as well as differences in life and work experience between men and women. We want to specifically utilize these differences to achieve the best work results and success in our departments and our teams. Different views, experiences and ways of thinking add to discussion and are essential for further development of products and services.

By inclusion we mean the philosophy of considering every employee part of TDM Systems and giving every employee the opportunity to apply his or her entire set of knowledge, skills and potential within the company anew each day.

Balancing work and family life is also part of our corporate culture: Flexible models for work time, options to work from home, part-time work and much more provide the best opportunities to meet any living situation.

At our headquarters in Tübingen alone we now employ people from xx different countries. This is not the only example of how we promote equality among our employees. Even our age structure makes it clear that every age group is represented and welcome at our company.