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Crib systems/cabinets

Transparent crib management as a resource planner for Tool Lifecycle Management

Automated storage equipment is an important part of a space-saving crib system system with high avail-ability and secure access to the stored articles. TDM offers a variety of options for controlling crib systems. The prerequisite for this is the interface from TDM to the automated crib systems. The interface transmits commands from TDM to the crib system, thus enabling the imple-mentation of transparent, order-oriented tool provisioning.


  • Items, tool assemblies or tool lists are booked in TDM and transmitted to the crib system as movement orders
  • Picking of items for assembling defined tool sets
  • Individual or bulk acknowledgments of the items removed from storage
  • Overview of the distribution of items in various crib systems
  • Cost centers, workstations and the allocation of crib location and article are predefined, organized and managed in TDM
  • The crib system carries out all orders and movements according to the specifications defined in TDM
  • Re-transfer of the tools planned in the NC program in the form of tool lists to TDM (basis for tool pro-visioning)
  • Provision of tool lists in the NC program, to perform functions such as programming part families with standardized tools for optimized setup


Optimized processes
Recording and booking all tool movements in the crib system.

Time savings
Time savings through central control of all connected crib systems and central entry of all stock movements.

Central database
Centrally defined tool data and production standards available everywhere.


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