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TDM Tool Contour/3D-Revolve Generator

TDM software generates 3D models from rotating tool graphics

Rotating tool graphics offer many advantages for efficiently using and managing tool data. You can use the TDM Tool Contour Generator and TDM 3D-Revolve Generator modules to create a rotating 3D model of your tool with just a few mouse clicks.

From 2D graphics to 3D models thanks to perfectly interlinked TDM modules

In the first step, the TDM Tool Contour Generator generates a rotatable 2D tool contour from an existing 2D graphic. The TDM 3D-Revolve Generator then quickly and easily generates 3D models from the existing rotatable 2D DXF tool contour graphics. This creates simplified 3D tool models which can, for example, be used for tool assembly or corresponding CAD/CAM systems. 

The two TDM modules are matched to one another and complement one another perfectly. See for yourself and get the benefits of using your tool graphics in 3D.

Wide range of functions efficiently combined

You also benefit from our many years of experience with our modules here. Both the TDM Tool Contour Generator and the TDM 3D-Revolve Generator modules are easy to use and generate a rotating 3D model in no time. The following functions support you here:

TDM Tool Contour Generator

  • The TDM Tool Contour Generator prepares 2D DXF tool graphics for rotation in the TDM 3D-Revolve Generator
  • The TDM Tool Contour Generator generates rotatable 2D contours from 2D DXF tool graphics
  • The software can optionally also define the cutting geometry on the tool

TDM 3D-Revolve Generator

  • In a single operation, the module rotates an existing 2D tool contour to create a 3D model in the STEP format that is suitable for use in simulations
  • The rotating items can then be assembled in TDM to form a 3D tool assembly and transferred to the CAM systems with the help of the TDM 3D-Solid Converters

The benefits for you at a glance

With our TDM modules for creating 3D tool models, you can start converting your 2D DXF tool graphics in no time at all. See the benefits for yourself:

Time savings
The TDM Tool Contour Generator and TDM 3D-Revolve Generator quickly convert existing 2D tool graphics into 3D models

Intuitive handling
The software is easy and intuitive to use

Optimized processes
3D models can be used for NC programming and simulation

Cost savings
The software facilitates optimum usage of the existing graphics base

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