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TDM Facility & Maintenance Management

One module for your maintenance management

Companies may make a large number of changes in order to create as much transparency as possible regarding processes. One of these is software-based maintenance management. Continuous and transparent documentation of the maintenance history increases the reliability and utilization of systems and employee safety. This also has a positive impact on insurance premiums and ISO certifications. Intelligent software keeps a check on both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.

TDM Facility and Maintenance Management (FMM) keeps operations running

The TDM Facility and Maintenance Management (FMM) module helps companies to create a meaningful structure for their maintenance management. The software focuses on the continuous and clear organization of the necessary measures for keeping processes running reliably and efficiently. This also increases transparency.

A central database manages all the production resource data. All maintenance orders for scheduled servicing and maintenance work, as well as unscheduled repairs and their results, are stored centrally, thereby creating transparency.

Maintenance management - Production equipment.
Maintenance management - Service plan.
Maintenance management - Service request.

With FMM, your maintenance management will be extremely well-organized

Processes that may appear complex for companies who do not use FMM for their maintenance management are extremely simple for companies with FMM. Our module will provide you with the following functions:

  • The maintenance software manages all systems that need to be regularly inspected or maintained individually (e.g. vehicle fleet, office equipment or safety-related equipment)
  • FMM manages all systems in the production environment, such as machines, cranes and transport systems
  • The integrated service planner organizes the service team assignments and, in doing so, optimally coordinates employee capacities to the systems and machines used

Seamless management using our maintenance software

  • FMM assigns inspection, maintenance and repair plans directly to the relevant items of equipment and seamlessly records all work and measures carried out
  • Histories document all the maintenance activities for each individual item of production equipment
  • Inspection intervals for inspection activities can be easily organized and monitored
  • FMM has an integrated document management system: This may, for example, assign documents such as TÜV (German technical inspection authority) reports to individual equipment

What maintenance management with TDM FMM can do for you

The benefits of using our maintenance software are clear to see:

Cost reduction
You can increase reliability and reduce downtimes for your systems whilst also optimizing the planning/utilization of your employees.

Time savings
Optimum coordination and proactive planning of all maintenance activities reduces the time spent by your company on maintenance by 25%.

Transparency and optimized processes
Seamless and continuous organization enables resources and tasks to be planned better and increases transparency. This also minimizes machine downtimes.

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