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Saving millions

With TDM, you can massively reduce costs

Promises have been made and expectations are high. With the decision to introduce TDM, the persons responsible are hoping to achieve improvements, transparency and cost savings. After having made an investment and taken the effort to introduce something new, you want to break even as quickly as possible. Our case studies, which you can find regularly in the TDMessage and on our website, tell you that TDM software can live up to these expectations.

Concrete figures regarding cost savings, however, are rare. Because these successes when it comes to cost savings give companies an incredible competitive advantage. Two long-term TDM customers from completely different industries and completely different-sized companies documented internally what the initial situation was when they started their TDM projects and what unimaginable cost savings and improvements they have already achieved in the medium term – namely, more than 1 million Euro each!

CASE 1: New tool circulation saves time and eliminated the tool crib at the CNC machines

How many tools do we have, where are they currently being used and when will they be available again? An international aerospace supply company did not know the answers to these questions. The supplier's product range is broad, meaning that the machine cycles are very different, including when it comes to their run times. Intensive CNC machining requires complex and expensive tools, which results in high capital commitment for procurement and storage. The persons responsible wanted to reduce the high tool stock levels, as well as the variety of tools.


The persons responsible wanted to achieve the following:

  • Development of a digital tool database with parameter-based search options
  • Transparent crib and stock management
  • Clear tool circulation with order-specific provision directly to the machine; complete elimination of the individual crib at the machine

The following processes were improved:

  • Fast creation of a tool database with the TDM Data and Graphic Generator
  • Reliable tool data at the click of a mouse: Parameterized tool items and tool assemblies available
  • Transparent tool logistics: Automated removal from crib and booking of all tool actions
  • Minimal tool preparation: Through calculated tool requirements and transparent tool circulation
  • Quick and safe tool assembly: Tools are assembled and preset in the presetting room with the support of TDM – no longer at the machine by the machine operator.
Dietmar Bohn, Managing Director of TDM Systems.

With the implementation of TDM, a lot of our customers have learned that there is a lot of value added potential in tool data and have saved costs in serveral areas.

Dietmar Bohn
Managing Director, TDM Systems


CASE 2: Successful SME reduces tooling costs while increasing production by around 80%

A medium-sized automotive supplier – specialized in motor vehicle gearboxes – mass-produces manual gearboxes for the market's leading automotive manufacturers. Production is clocked. Unreliable tool availability was causing problems in production and was therefore the most frequent cause of downtimes. The company managed its tools using outdated, maintenance-intensive software. A central database was not in place – instead, employees from several different departments recorded data manually and independently of each other. Data was not exchanged. This meant that there was no overview of the number and condition of tools, and therefore no planning security either. In addition, it was not possible to calculate tooling costs for a workpiece or a gearbox series with the information available.


The persons responsible wanted to achieve the following:

  • Planning security through predictive tool calculation and procurement
  • Transparent crib and stock management, recording of all tool flows and cost assignment
  • Calculation of tooling costs according to series and free time interval


The following processes were improved:

  • Organization of tool circulation: Better use of stocks and their tool lives and reduced downtimes
  • Consistent standardization of tools according to workpieces enables predictive order management, improved ordering conditions and reliable production planning
  • Monitored ordering of new tools prevents high tool variety
  • Controlling tooling costs and requirements for each workpiece/group improves cost transparency

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