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CAM Competence in the Team

In order to consolidate and strengthen the expertise that is already available and all of the know-how existing within the company, TDM Systems has established a CAM competence team – initially with three new employees who are the best at what they do in the field. They plan to develop standardized interfaces for all standard CAD/CAM systems so that they are capable of being supported right away. Through data mapping, a uniform data exchange is then established between the TDM software and the various CAM systems. In this way, users can have at their disposal all tool data in one central database for production and simulation without redundancies.

On the road to the „digital factory,“ this bridge between tool data and CAM systems is a necessary prerequisite for correct NC programming and simulation. Simulation is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies and therefore can no longer be addressed „only as an afterthought“. Those who want to produce in a process-reliable manner need real tool data for their simulation and collision analysis. When a machine is started, everything must fit together: The digital depiction of processes and travel paths in the virtual world takes care of this. If the zero point is correct and the tools used are correctly measured, the program can depict the machining process in a collision-free manner. Thus, if there are no production stoppages, orders are completed on time and the work pieces have the required level of quality.

In the simulation, „hard“ digital data play an important role because they make realistic 3D tool models possible. Therefore the goal of TDM is to supply efficient software tools via the standardized CAM interfaces with which the 3D tool graphics can be comfortably generated, easily edited, saved and then forwarded to the CAM and simulation process. In addition, technology parameters, such as feeds and speeds are transferred into the CAM system / NC program.

The challenge for everyone is that the different CAM systems each have different requirements for the data or only support their own native formats. Moreover, most tool manufacturers supply the tool item graphics in their own formats and standards. If the customer wants 3D tool assembly graphics for his planning systems, he must first of all create a unified database.

The new competence team, through its close contact with the CAM manufacturers, ensures that the various CAM systems will interpret this data correctly. In order for the customers to benefit from this, in the event of questions or problems, they are assigned to the correct TDM contact person, and specifically, to the experts that are responsible for their CAM systems. This applies for the Help Desk as well as at the project level. It increases the quality of service and advice, enhances customer satisfaction and completes another important step in the direction of the digital factory.


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